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by Carol Parker

186 pages $9.99

 A freelance writer birn in Philadelphia, living most of her life in South Florida serves up her first EBook, starring Judson Hill who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Given only months to live, he decides to do some of those things he always talked about but hadn’t.  Quinby Hill, Jud’s estranged sister, is fearful something has happened when his promised return from a dolphin encounter in The Florida Keys is way overdue.  Is he already dead?  Deciding to take matters in her own hands, Quinby finds herself entangled in espionage, intrigue and romance.


 But that’s not all.  Fearing she’ll never be able to ask forgiveness of Jud, Quinby finds the love of her life, Parker Billings, and becomes deeply involved in a diabolical medical plot involving a drug ring.


Travel through Paradise from The Florida Keys to the Caribbean as Quinby and Parker discover characteristics they didn’t know they possessed and a world they didn’t know existed.

This novel explores whether or not dolphins can heal terminal illness in humans.  This suspenseful book is one not to be missed.

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