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I Want to Buy Crypto: Chainlink or Ethereum?

There are numerous crypto platforms that offer their tokens and coins in the market. Some of them are on the top-traded list, and others are less popular. Anyway, experienced investors recommend holding both leading crypto assets, such as BTC and ETH, and adding your investment portfolio with less popular coins and tokens, such as Dash, Link, etc.

In this article, we will compare Ethereum and Chainlink projects, mention ETH and Link price, and tell where to buy them.

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Emerging markets: Opportunities to boost your career

When you want to give your career a boost, you are not limited to your own country. In fact, many people now look at the job market in other countries, because this can open up opportunities that are just not available at home. While Western countries have long been held up as the ultimate destinations for those who want to build a career, the emerging economies in the East should not be ignored.