I Want to Buy Crypto: Chainlink or Ethereum?

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There are numerous crypto platforms that offer their tokens and coins in the market. Some of them are on the top-traded list, and others are less popular. Anyway, experienced investors recommend holding both leading crypto assets, such as BTC and ETH, and adding your investment portfolio with less popular coins and tokens, such as Dash, Link, etc.

In this article, we will compare Ethereum and Chainlink projects, mention ETH and Link price, and tell where to buy them.

I Want to Buy Crypto: Chainlink or Ethereum?


It is the world's second crypto that has become incredibly attractive for investments and keeps the second position on crypto rankings following Bitcoin. Ethereum is a platform for decentralized applications, NFTs, blockchain games, and other product development and deployment, with hundreds of users and projects built on top of its blockchain. Over time, the network became overloaded, causing:
* increased fees
* low transaction speed
* low throughput

In addition, the network used to run on the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism. And we all know that mining complexity is growing. In autumn 2022, the network transitioned to the Proof-of-Stake protocol, eliminating all those disadvantages with speed and transaction costs. So it is quite possible that the project will boost in the near future and receive a massive flow of clients and developers aiming to build their products on the Ethereum network. 


This project was built on top of the Ethereum network. Link is a native token of Chainlink. The essence of the project is to connect non-blockchain companies with the blockchain industry for fruitful cooperation and to facilitate all business processes. Smart contracts are at Chainlink’s core. Link token plays a key role in their execution. 
As we can see, Chainlink and Ethereum are two different projects aimed at solving different problems. Chainlink is based on Ethereum, and so its Link asset is a token. Ethereum has its own blockchain, so ETH is a coin.

Link cryptocurrency price is much lower than that of Ethereum - $6.22, while the ETH value is $1,219 (mid-November 2022).

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