Opportunity for US Teachers: Travel to Ghana for Professional Development

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ACCRA AND KUMAWU, GHANA.  August 17 - August 24th, 2016. Want to go?

Opportunity for US Teachers: Travel to Ghana for Professional Development

US Schoolteachers will have the opportunity to travel to Ghana to participate in the 3rd J Rêve International Global Educator Program. Previous programs have been conducted in Dakar, Senegal and Paris, France. J Rêve International’s Global Educator program is a professional development experience that equips teachers with global competencies necessary to bring arts, international, and culturally creative perspectives to their students. The program also considers approaches to STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), and Multiple Intelligences. Global education is integral to building 21st century skills, and teachers are the greatest resource to empower students as global citizens. The shortlink for the Ghana Global Educator Program and application is http://wp.me/p3tozY-mE0. Applications accepted on a rolling basis until June 15, 2016.

"The Global Educator Program was simply an amazing experience, yet humbling. The program opened networking possibilities with educators worldwide. The Global Educator Program in Paris gave me the opportunity to participate in the STEM to STEAM conversation. This week-long experience has changed my perspective on how a child learns. I've gained useful knowledge from fellow educators." Louis K.,[Paris 2016 Participant]

NYU Africa House is an interdisciplinary institute devoted to the study of contemporary Africa, focusing on economic, political, and social issues on the continent and programs in the Arts.  The Educational Leadership Centre Ghana seeks through its many activities to achieve excellence in the provision of research, development and support in professional leadership for educators nationally and internationally.