Welcome to Israel

by AGreene / Aug 27, 2008 / 2 comments

Welcome to Israel! Or rather a blog about living in Israel. A lot of people think of Israel only by what's on primtime news or in the newspaper. That's not an accurate picture of what life is really like in that beautiful country. Life isn't all about suicide bombings or going through security. It's all the sublties that make up a life; catching the bus to get to work on time, buying groceries and meeting friends for coffee.

I know that because I lived there for a year. I lived there, worked there and loved being there. Over the course of this blog, which I hope will turn into a dialogue, I'll share my experiences while I lived there. I also hope to share my friends' experiences who live there now.

Since I hope this will grow into a blog where we share stories, not just a continuos monologue, I should introduce myself. My name's Adinah and it's a pleasure to meet you.



Adinah Greene is the Living in Israel Editor for Wandering Educators.

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  • Dr. Jessie Voigts

    15 years 9 months ago

    Welcome to Wandering Educators, Adinah! I look forward to reading more of your columns. Thanks for joining our team!


    Jessie Voigts

    Publisher, wanderingeducators.com

  • Veronica Grant

    15 years 9 months ago

    Hi Adinah! I'll be living in Israel as well soon, I'm studying at Hebrew University.  It would be great to meet up maybe.  What are you doing while in Israel? Looking forward to reading your blogs!

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