How International Experiences Will Influence My Writing

by Lukas Bruihler / Oct 08, 2012 / 1 comments

I have always been a good writer, and so when I am asked what I want to be when I grow up, being a writer is always on the list. Of course, I have wanted to be many other things, including teacher, inventor, and scientist, but I have always wanted to be a writer.


Being able to travel and have international experiences would help me write well, because I could have more diversity in my different books. The characters could seem more real, if I knew many different cultures and how they could represent each character. Traveling could also come in handy if I needed an inspiration. There are so many life stories out there, and a book could be made from each and every one of them. I could make my books more exiting with real-life situations that I learned from someone, somewhere.





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  • Stasia Lopez

    10 years 1 month ago

    Lukas, nice job! I want to read MORE about your inspiration to become a writer. One book that I think would be an amazing inspiration to you (and maybe you already have read it, not sure) is The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. If you haven't read this wonderful and enchanting story, definitely pick it up because it is about a boy who has amazing adventures while he travels around the globe looking for treasure but it is SO inspirational and very well written. I think you'll love the book and get even more inspiration to write. Great job! :)

    Anastasia R.D. Lopez

    Global Education Editor, Wandering Educators

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