International Education and Student Affairs Excellence Award: Anastasia Rose-Diamantis Lopez

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Mar 02, 2015 / 0 comments

Wandering Educators is pleased to recognize Stasia Lopez for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of International Education and Student Affairs with our International Education and Student Affairs Excellence Award.


International Education and Student Affairs Excellence Award: Anastasia Rose-Diamantis Lopez


This award is given to a global educator who demonstrates exceptional abilities in both the fields of international education and student affairs and development, and is active on Wandering Educators, the #1 site for Global Educators and people curious about the world.

Stasia has been a member of the Wandering Educators community for over three years, and has greatly influenced our educators, students, writers, and general readers in a variety of ways.

Stasia is committed to student affairs and student development, as seen in her College Programming Series. In this series, she shares a variety of tips, including college preparatory, athletics, Greek system, internships, co-ops, and more.

Her writing on international education at Wandering Educators includes a variety of study abroad and internships interviews in her College, Internships, and Career Series, and includes both students and faculty. Her interviews delve deeply into intercultural experiences, and share excellent resources for students interested in pursuing international education opportunities.


Stasia Lopez in Capri, Italy

Stasia in Capri


Stasia is a faculty member in our Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program, speaking on the importance of international experiences. Her assignments for this class have resulted in some of the most interesting and forward-looking student articles on our site. She is a compassionate, intelligent, and well-prepared educator, passionate about teaching and consistently one of the best faculty members in our program.

Stasia also goes above and beyond in Student Affairs, with both internships and student editors (she has placed many students with us, both from WMU and the University of Pittsburgh). These students have been among our best student writers and interns – so much so that anyone Stasia recommends is welcome at Wandering Educators.

Lastly, I commend Stasia for her extraordinary work in the field of International Education – she has presented at conferences on re-entry programs, created and run workshops with global career themes, mentored students in study abroad, created the International Cultures Facebook Group that’s over six years strong,and promotes international education opportunities with thousands of readers on a daily basis. She’s currently serving on the planning and social media/marketing committees for the Three Rivers Re-Entry Conference coming to Pittsburgh in November 2015, while serving students as a Career Consultant for Arts & Sciences, Pre-Business, and Careers Abroad at the University of Pittsburgh. It’s amazing to see how much studying abroad has influenced Stasia in so many areas of her life and career!

I can think of no better person, no more passionate individual to the entirety of the student experience, and no more ardent proponent of international education than Stasia Lopez. For this, we are proud to honor her with our inaugural International Education and Student Affairs Excellence Award.


Congratulations, Stasia!


International Education and Student Affairs Excellence Award: Anastasia Rose-Diamantis Lopez



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