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Jul 01, 2009 / 0 comments

Call for papers:

Journal of NCOLCTL

The Journal of the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages
(NCOLCTL) is soliciting articles for publication. As the official
journal of the Council, the journal serves the professional interests
of teachers, researchers, and administrators of less commonly taught
languages in all settings and all levels of instruction. The Journal
is refereed and published once a year.

Our general editorial focus is on policy, education, programs,
advocacy, and research in the field of less commonly taught languages
(all foreign languages except English, French, German, and Spanish).

The envisaged segmentation of the Journal is as follows:

a. Methodology and Technology,
b. Academia,
c. Beyond Academia,
d. Social Embeddedness

The first section shall include papers focusing on broader theoretical
and technological issues in all fields of less commonly taught
languages. The second section will encompass reports about research
and teaching in academia, at both K-12 and collegiate levels. The
third section shall comprise papers addressing research and teaching
in government and industry.

Finally, the fourth section will address the issues of a broader
social environment, ranging from heritage communities to advancing
LCTLs in federal initiatives and legislation.

In preparing the manuscript, please use the latest edition of the
Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA),
see Manuscripts should
be a maximum of 25 pages (excluding references, charts, notes, etc.)
and preferably submitted electronically via email attachment. Double-
space the manuscript throughout, including notes, references, and
tables, using 12-point font with a 1.5 inch left margin. The
manuscript should be accompanied by a 150 word (or less) abstract and
a cover sheet containing the manuscript title, name, address, office
and home telephone numbers, fax number, email address, and full names
and institutions of each author.
Because the manuscript will be blind reviewed, identifying information
should be on the cover sheet only, and not appear in the manuscript.

While submissions are welcome at any point, only papers received by
October 31, 2009 will be guaranteed consideration for the 2010 issue
of the Journal.

4231 Humanities Building
455 N. Park Street
Madison, WI 53706