Internships for French & ESL Students/Teachers

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"Little Big Land," an ESL program for French children, is taking
applications for spring and summer positions at its English language
villages in France:


French parents want their children to learn English and have
experiences in English-speaking countries.
At Little Big Land, young children can begin their discovery of the
English-speaking world without leaving home!


French boys and girls ages 9 to 15.


Little Big Land is an opportunity for students to take their first
steps in English, or for those who have already started English in
school, to put to use what they have already learned. Above all, it
is a way to break down the inhibitions that interfere with oral

Little Big Land is an imaginary country. When they arrive, students
receive a passport and become Australian, American, English,
Scottish, or Irish citizens. They choose the English name that will
be their identity for the duration of their stay. With their
counselor, they live in a cabin or group of rooms named after a
region or city in their country. They meet historical or fictional
figures--Sacagawea, Robin Hood, Harry Potter, Crocodile Dundee…They
celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day and learn
English songs. Without leaving France, they are surrounded by English
and begin to assimilate basic communication skills.


In 2009, Little Big Land will organize its villages at 3 locations in

- Tours (Indre-et-Loire), on the banks of the Loire, on the grounds
of the historic Abbey of Marmoutier, founded by St. Martin in the 5th
century ;

- Le Chambon-sur-Lignon (Haute Loire), a village located at an
altitude of 1000m in southeast France between Le Puy-en-Velay and
Valence on the grounds of the College International Cevenol.

- Senones (Vosges), located in eastern France, near Nancy and


2009 DATES:
Classes Découvertes - May 17-22, May 31-June 5, June 7-12
Three 2-week summer sessions are planned between July 4 and August
17. Counselors are asked to arrive by about June 29 (date to be
confirmed) for a staff orientation and training session. They may
apply to work for 1, 2, or all 3 sessions.


- ESL Coordinators
- Counselors/Activity Coordinators
The staff is composed of native English speakers and of French
counselors who have lived in an English-speaking country. A
curriculum has been prepared by an American educator with experience
in the language village approach. An American teacher living in Tours
will be responsible for the general organization of the program, and
the staff will be headed by a French camp director and a native
English-speaking ESL coordinator.


Applicants for counselor positions must:
       Be at least 19 years old by July 4, 2009.
       Have experience living abroad.
       Have basic command of French.
       Have skill/talent in one or more related activity area: Arts&Crafts,
         Drama, PE/Sports, Dance or Music
       Have work experience with children.
       Have summer camp or immersion language village experience



Compensation varies according to position. Room and board are
provided throughout the sessions.

Counselors are responsible for their own travel expenses to France.
Train travel to the site will be reimbursed.


Applicants are encouraged to apply before February 28.


Contact: Barbara Keenan
Language & Friendship                                
8009 34th Avenue South Ste 880          
Bloomington, MN 55425      

phone : 952-841-9898                     

email :
barbara [at]