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It's one thing to understand a word or two of a language, it's another entirely to be able to speak it, read it, write it and truly comprehend it. When you want to learn Spanish correctly, words and phrases, the entire language, several factors need to come into play. Beyond learning it from childhood, there are proven measures that can help anyone learn Spanish, and if you truly want to, you can even master it, as well.

Language mastery or close to it is often required of students, some travelers and especially business communicators. Making sure a program that enables one to learn Spanish is effective can be a little tricky. It certainly helps to know what to look for before deciding to buy.

The keys to look for in any language learning program that professes to help students learn Spanish are many. They include:

The correct version. Those who seek to learn Spanish often find out the hard way that there is more than one version. While the similarities are very strong, it is the subtleties that tend to get people in trouble. The Spanish of the Americas, for example, tend to vary rather sharply in some areas from the language spoken in Europe. To be able to one, tell the difference between the dialects, and two, be able to speak the one you want or need, is obviously very important.

Verbal instruction. One of the best ways to learn Spanish is to be able to hear it being spoken correctly. Just like a baby learning its native language for the first time, students of language do very well when they can hear words over and over again. This helps with pronunciation and comprehension.

Visual instruction. When words and pictures are matched together that display their meaning, it can help with language retention. For those who truly want to learn Spanish, some visual instruction is also quite helpful.

Written instruction. Part of truly learning a language is being able to not only speak and understand it when it's spoken, but also understanding how to read and write it. When the full picture is presented, comprehension is made much easier.


If you want to learn to speak Spanish, you must have the ability to work at your own pace. Not everyone learns at the same speed, and if you try to move too fast with learning a new language, it is very likely that you will miss important information. Having the ability to slow down or speed up as much as one might need can be vital.

Like most new things we learn, it is just a matter of getting out there and learning it. If you truly want to learn Spanish, you can do so by applying these tips to help you learn more effectively.


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