Iceland's Rich Writing Traditions Influence the World - and Travel

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What do you do on an island? You tell stories. What you do on Iceland, one of the world's most famous islands, the land of fire and ice? You tell stories, write books, influence the entire world with your landscape, culture, mythology, beliefs, and, of course, writing.

Why Head to Thailand for Cosmetic Surgery? Read this.

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One of the benefits for Westerners working and living in Thailand is how much lower the cost-of-living is. Accommodation, shopping, dining out – all the everyday things are considerably less. So, too, are the not-so-everyday things, like plastic surgery.

Teaching Kids to Love Art

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Nov 09, 2017 /
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One of the questions I hear most often is from families looking to expand their kids’ appreciation of art. I’ve written 7 Tips for teaching your kids to appreciate art museums to answer just that question.

Sabbatical Homes Listings: Denmark

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The Island of the Midnight Sun

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Follow me on a two hour drive around Andøya Island, northern Norway last week. It is the island where I grew up.

The Island of the Midnight Sun. Photographer Benny Høynes

The Island of the Midnight Sun. Photographer Benny Høynes

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Eyes Wide Open

by Stacey Ebert / Nov 06, 2017 /

When I was thirteen, the term ‘cultural diffusion’ didn’t often come up in conversation, yet sitting in my best friend’s kitchen eating her favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s was sort of the same thing. That same summer, another friend introduced ‘Pringles’ potato chips into our bunk at sleep away camp.

Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot

by EdventureGirl / Nov 06, 2017 /
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In a quiet room, a nameless English poet gazed at his work for a moment. A faint smile crossed his face, and he nodded once before carefully wiping his quill and putting it away. His work was complete for the day, and he was satisfied. On the parchment beneath his ink-stained fingers, his quill had carefully scratched a masterpiece into existence:

#StudyAbroadBecause We Need The Love

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Brittany K. Stone is a senior psychology student at the University of Pittsburgh minoring in Social Work and is an aspiring psychologist. 
Brittany K. Stone: #StudyAbroadBecause We Need The Love

Florida Culture for the Week of November 5, 2017 By Josh Garrick

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Florida Culture for the Week of November 5, 2017 By Josh Garrick 

#StudyAbroadBecause You Can't Afford Not To

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American milliner Gina Mazzotta creates original, hand-made custom hats for women, men, and children. The brand was founded in 2012, when, after recognizing a lack of stylish, contemporary hat options, Gina was inspired to create her own. She studied with milliner Amy Hamilton and fell in love with the millinery process. Drawing from her background in visual merchandising and window design, she integrates runway fashion with chic, custom every day accessories in her explorative and innovative take on traditional hat forms.