The Beauty of the Indian Sari

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India is known for its rich culture and unique people. It has that distinct culture that identifies the rich history of the country. Indian Clothing can be as fascinating as the Hindu culture, and Indian women are best identified, globally, when they wear Sarees which have extraordinary artistic patterns and designs.  

Indian sarees are considered to be symbols of a rich Indian culture.  A legend was said regarding the beginnings of the Indian Sarees. A beautiful woman named Draupadi was lost in a gamble by her husband. She was undressed by her husband’s enemy to humiliate her. They tried to so hard to keep pulling but the clothes on her body were never-ending. This cloth came to be known as the Indian sari.

Another urban legend about the origin of Indian sarees is that it originated from the weaver’s loom. This weaver was fond of dreaming. The weaver kept dreaming of a beautiful girl. All the details and attributes of women made their way into the cloth which he had made. The cloth reached several hundreds of yards. The weavers smiled in his delight that while he was gazing at the lovely girl and how her femininity inspired him to create such splendid cloth. This legend tells the reason why Indian women wear sarees. Women want to wear that beautiful cloth to display their unmatched beauty and fineness.

Indian sarees have a specific measurement. It must be 47 inches by 326 inches. The design of the cloth spells intricate sophistication. A specific method of weaving and design are usually done with rhythm. Indian women love to collect various sarees made with different forms of textiles. The sarees have various designs.

Banares sareees, or Bridal Sarees, are a special part of the Indian bridal gown.  The mughal design is utilized to weave intricate designs of floral and foliage into the cloth. The Chanderi sarees are made up of light silk or fine cotton, and can also be used as a cloth to make Wedding Sarees. This can be used also ideally when the summer time arrives. Silk Sarees or Patola silk sarees are made by a number of expert weavers. The architectural designs of the various kinds of sarees, are famous and is known as Heer Bharat. Emroidered Sarees are also a trend, since it adds a lot of artistry into a piece of cloth.

Indian sarees are available in an exhaustive list of forms and design. For centuries, it has been considered the symbol of femininity for women and even now remains an integral part of their wardrobes.










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  • Dr. Jessie Voigts

    15 years 1 week ago

    to weddings, and special occasions. It is so beautiful and I just love the colors, and the flow of the fabric. I think that I may need more! Thanks, Aiza!


    Jessie Voigts, PhD


  • Nisha

    15 years 1 week ago

    Yes, Sari. National dress of my country. It's so elegant and graceful. The colours, the fabrics... everything. :)

    Thank you for liking & praising it.

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