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One of my very favorite shoe brands is Dansko Footwear. I know, you've heard lots about Dansko - how comfortable they are, how long-lasting. Take a look at the footwear next time you visit a hospital - most of the doctors and nurses wear them for their long shifts. Not heading to a hospital? Look at chefs - many of them wear Dansko clogs, as well. Anyone on their feet all day long can benefit from wearing Dansko shoes.

There's a reason for my loyalty. Let me tell you about my experiences...

Dansko Clogs

I've just got to tell you about my new Dansko Professional Clogs. I had 3 pairs of Dansko Professional Clogs but I was ready for a new look.

Fortunately, Dankso Footwear has a huge line of shoes, boots, sandals, and clogs. Because of an ankle fusion, though, I am only able to wear the clogs.
Dansko clogs are THE MOST COMFORTABLE shoes I've ever had. My main black pair is over 4 years old and they still look new.

I have an older pair (9 years old) that are getting scuffed around the edges - probably because I wear them for yard work, around the house, etc. These shoes LAST. They are incredibly well-made, and very sturdy. They are so Dansko Clogs Reviewcomfortable that I prefer to wear them over going barefoot! Dansko clogs provide excellent arch support, hold my foot in, and are the right angle for walking or standing.  In short, they are the best shoes I've ever owned!

Here's the cool part - Dansko clogs come in a variety of colors and patterns! Want red shoes? Plaid? Whimsical shoes with a cool design? Felt? Dansko offers them all, with a unique European design twist. Many times, I've gotten compliments on my shoes. I always tell people that Dansko clogs are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Then I tell them where to get them.

Where can YOU buy Dansko Clogs?

Many specialty shoe stores carry Dankso shoes. Of course! But, we've always ordered them online. Why? For several reasons:




  1. Greater selection of styles and colors
  2. Wider range of sizes
  3. Dankso shoes fit true to size - no worries about wrong sizing
  4. We live on a lake in a rural area. I have to drive at least an hour to get to a specialty shoe shop. Hopefully they have my size.

The online retailer I recommend is Footwear Etc. They are my favorite shoe retailer, and have a large selection of Dansko Clogs.  And they always have some great sales and specials.

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My new Dansko Clogs?

Dansko Professional Clogs - Cordovan Cabrio Leather. Now they are my very favorite Dansko clogs. The leather shines, the color is gorgeous, and I just love them. See?

Dansko Professional Clogs



Bottoms of Dansko Clogs




Dansko Clogs - Heal Protector



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