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We're so very happy to share an extraordinary travel clothing company with you today. We've searched far and wide for a company that we would feel comfortable recommending to our Wandering Educators. We've tried many travel clothing companies and been disappointed in service, quality, and durability of the clothing. 


Finally, though, the tide has changed! The travel clothing company that we recommend to our readers is ExOfficio.


Ex Officio Travel Clothing

"ExOfficio is devoted to enhancing worldy exploration through clothing that packs well, performs, and is durable enough for a lifetime of adventure."



ExOfficio Travel Clothing



ExOfficio Travel Clothing



Here's the backstory:

In 1987, Rick Hemmerling and Joe Boldan attended a fishing trade show. They talked to fly-fishermen who wouldn’t blink at dropping $1,000 for a rod and reel. These guys would pay $3,000 just to get to Christmas Island. Yet there wasn’t a shirt made to fit their needs. So Rick and Joe listened to what they wanted in a shirt. Before long, they introduced the Baja. The rest is history.

They started making pants that worked for outdoor travel, and then have added security-zip pockets, convertible clothing, sun protection, indestructible buttons, performance underwear, bug-repellant clothing, dri-release clothing, and shoes - truly innovators in travel and performance clothing! Whether you are an outdoor traveler and need protection from the elements, or a leisure traveler and need travel clothes that last, ExOfficio should be at the top of your list for comfort, performance, and style.


ExOfficio has three main lines - Men's, Women's, and Shoes. They are stylish, durable, and sustainable.

ExOfficio clothing incorporates many excellent and thoughtful features, including french seams, security zip pockets, flat finish seaming, indestructible buttons, a thumb loop, saddle stitch shoulder seams, and a floating pocket and loop.

What is even more extraordinary is the fabric. Engineered for a variety of environmental issues, the fabric can provide sun protection (SPF 30+), bug-free (Insect Shield), wicking (dri-release fabric), wrinkles (wrinkle-free fabric), and more (stain-resistant, water-resistant, high-strength, windproof, thermal, quick-drying, odor resistant, and eco-conscious).


ExOfficio Travel Clothing



But let us tell you about how the clothing actually WORKS.

ExOfficio sent us some of their clothes to try out. We received several clothing items for both men and women...

For the women's line, we received the Exo Dri Go-To 1/4 zip, the Irresistable Soy'R Cardigan, and pair of the Give-N-Go Bikini Brief.

For the Men's line, we received the Boracade Pant, the Exo Dri Go-To 1/4 zip, and the Give-N-Go Boxer Brief.

Let me talk about the women's clothing first. I LOVE the Soy'R Cardigan. I wear it every single day. It is the softest sweater I have ever had - and the warmest! I always receive compliments on it. The Exo Dri Go-To 1/4 zip is a great layering piece (with the additional bonus of an ipod holder in the sleeve), and is an excellent workout piece because it wicks away moisture. It is tighter fitting and thus is perfect for layering. And the underwear - we tested it on several trips. ExOfficio notes on their website that people take two pairs of their underwear on travels - one to wear, one to wash. We tried the washing - and YES, it did dry overnight in a hotel bathroom (one place that is sort of stuffy without a lot of air flow). The underwear were extremely comfortable, lightweight, and didn't bunch or bind.



Ed has this to say about the Men's clothing he tried:

The Boracade Pant is very lightweight and resists wrinkles (which is perfect for traveling since I really don't like to iron). They fit well, and even after driving all day look fresh. They are very comfortable for driving and walking, and they could be worn for casual wear, or if you want to add a sports jacket, for dressier situations. I wear the Exo Dri Go-To 1/4 zip as a layering piece when I walk, under a shirt, even though it is a stand-alone shirt. It is extremely light and will keep you warm.  The Give-N-Go Boxer Brief is made from very soft material that breathes and stays put, even when I walk for miles.  If you ever encounter issues with chafing when you are doing a lot of walking, this underwear will eliminate that problem. Fast-drying, so you may only need 2 or three pair when you are traveling. It's a relief to pack so much lighter.

ExOfficio also sent us three pairs of shoes to try. We received the Women's Traveler and the Men's Venturer and Cruz'r shoes. These shoes don't have a break-in period - just put them on and go! They are also lightweight but also very supportive. They are waterproof and very comfortable - and well-constructed. They've become one of my favorite every day shoes.



ExOfficio Travel Clothing

With ExOfficio, we were impressed with just about everything about the clothing, especially the lightweight and wrinkle-free materials. We've learned that we can pack less and still look good. As airlines are now charging for bags, this will save you money when flying. Plus, it reduces the risk of Ed throwing out his back by lifting the bags that we've overfilled with clothes in the past. We're planning on building a travel wardrobe with ExOfficio clothing, because we love the comfort, style, and durability of these remarkable clothes. We highly recommend ExOfficio Travel Clothes to our Wandering Educators.


You can find them online at exofficio.com


ExOfficio provided these items for us to review (and the great photos).








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