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MBT Shoes are a unique rocker bottom fitness shoe that have been found to help with many physical ailments, ranging from weight loss to lower back pain.  They are also very poplar with people who are on their feet all day.

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Best Place to Buy MBT Shoes Online



The #1 online retailer of MBT Shoes is Footwear Etc.  They are an Authorized Dealer of MBT Shoes and carry the largest selection of MBT Footwear (shoes, sandals, and boots), and carry all sizes (including half sizes that most online stores do not carry).


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They also have the largest selection of discount MBT shoes to choose from.  Free shipping.  Will pay for shipping on any returns.  There are no hidden fees for returns like many other online retailers (you get 100% of your money back if you return your MBT Shoes).  They have the Lowest Price Guarantee (which ensures you will get the best price on your MBT Shoes).  And they have a lifetime return policy.  Is it any wonder why they are my favorite online shoe store?


Avoid MBT Shoe Scams

There has been a huge increase in MBT knock-offs being sold on the internet.  They look like MBTs but are cheap imitations.  Many people buy them because the price is so low, and they believe they are MBT Shoes.  The sites use "MBT" in their domain name to give the impression the shoes are actual MBTs.  The shoes fall apart quickly (one person's shoes completely came apart in just 3 days).  And there is little or no recourse for getting your money back if you are dissatisfied.  Here is how to avoid getting burned:

Avoid any site that has "MBT" in their domain name.  Swiss Masai does not allow any authorized retailers to use "MBT" in their domain.  They are aggressively pursuing these companies and shutting them down.

Do not buy MBT Shoes from any website that does not provide a physical mailing address and phone number.  For most of these sites, the only way to contact them is through a Contact Us form or free email account.

Don't believe inflated regular prices ($400+) and equally inflated discounts (such as save 80%).  Swiss Masai imposes strict price limits on their shoes.  Authorized retailers cannot sell their shoes below those limits.  Follow the basic rule: "if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is."

There are only 17 authorized MBT Shoe retailers selling MBTs online at this time.  Only buy MBT Shoes from an authorized retailer.  Our recommended retailer is the top-selling authorized MBT Shoes retailer, and has been in business since 1986.

Health Benefits of MBT Shoes

There has been a tremendous amount of research and development behind MBT Shoes.  It would be safe to say they are the most scientifically engineered walking shoes on the market.  There are currently 22 abstracts of independent scientific studies involving MBT Shoes.  The positive findings of wearing MBT Shoes include:

Reduction of foot pressure distribution in normal and diabetic patients.

Improves posture.MBT Shoes Reviews: MBT Clogs

Increases ankle and joint stability and strength.

Reduces knee pain.

Improves gait.

Improves hip disorders and pain.

Reduces the load on the ankles, knees, and hips – and reduces pain in these joints.

Aids in improving flexibility of ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments.

Increases the metabolism while standing or walking.

Strengthens lower back muscles, and reduces lower back pain.

Significantly reduces neck pain.

Other documented positive health benefits of wearing MBT Shoes include:

Alleviation of the pain of plantar fasciitis.

Aids in weight loss.

Strengthens your core muscles.


MBT Customer Reviews & Ratings

The customer reviews of MBT Shoes are overwhelmingly positive.  The few negative reviews seem to come from people who either have preexisting physical ailments that the shoes seemed to aggravate, or from people who don’t own the shoes and just wanted to share their observations.

I’ve looked at over 1,000 customer ratings - and the average rating is 4.8 out of 5.0.

The typical pros were: Help with back pain.  Very comfortable.  Well constructed.  Stylish.

The typical cons were: Not very stylish.  Pricey.  A bit heavy.

Customers found the newer designs to be more stylish, lighter, and more comfortable.


Choosing the Right Size MBT Shoe

MBT Shoes Reviews: MBT ShoesMBTs tend to run slightly small for women and true to fit for men.  Read the reviews to see what others have to say about the size of the style that interests you.  In most cases you would be safe to buy a half size larger than your normal shoe size.

















The 3 Biggest Complaints About MBT Shoes

There seems to be three common complaints about MBT Shoes which are:

The shoes are heavy.  It is true the older styles are heavier, although you do quickly get used to the weight of the shoes.  The newer shoes seem to be lighter.

The shoes styles are unattractive.  If you are looking for fashion shoes, MBTs might not be for you - although they have been improving the styles.  It is funny that in most customer reviews they find the styling attractive.  The shoes tend to quickly grow on you.

People have had some bad experiences with some online retailers.  The complaints come from people who have purchased from unauthorized retailers that sell MBT Shoes at very low prices…well below what Swiss Masai requires.  These companies don’t provide any contact information other than a web form, or a free email account.  You cannot find a physical address or phone number to call if you have problems.  They also have deceptive return policies.  They typically charge for shipping, and also require you to pay return shipping.  They have return fees ranging from $15 - $30, and restocking fees of 15% - 25%.  You can quickly tell who they are because they use the Trade Marketed MBT name in their main domain name (MBTShoesDiscounts.com for example).  Swiss Masai does not allow any authorized dealer to use their Trade Marked name as part of their main domain name.  Avoid these retailers and save yourself a lot of heartache.


Anyone that has tried MBT Shoes knows the value of them, and will quickly discard these uninformed complaints.MBT Shoes Reviews: MBT Shoes

Give MBT Shoes a try.  The vast majority of people that have them, love them.

Visit our recommended authorized MBT retailer and click the link below to activate your discount >> Footwearetc.com