Why Ugg Boots are the Top-Selling Fall Boots


Warm. Lightweight. Stylish. Hip. You buy Ugg Boots to stay warm - while you look cool.

Ugg means Boot in Australia. Since the 1960s, Ugg boots have been keeping Australian surfers warm when they got out of the cold water. Then Ugg Boots migrated over to California (with the surfers), and the surfing community there embraced these thermostatic boots (keeping you warm when you are cold, wicking away the moisture when you are hot). Now Ugg Boots are the hottest boots around (and not only for surfers).


Where can I buy Ugg boots?


Authentic UGG Boots Women's KnightsbridgeUgg Boots are the most popular boots in the fall. When the first snowflake hits the ground, they start flying off the shelves. We've talked to dozens of retailers about the popularity of Ugg Boots. Everyone recommends that you buy them early, because they run in very short supply by December. At that time, you are looking at your 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th choice - if you can find it in your size. The reason for that is that Ugg strictly controls distribution to maintain their demand.

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Styles of Ugg Boots


There are several styles of Ugg Boots. Perhaps the most popular is the traditional, Classic Ugg Boot. Available in both short and tall sizes, this classic boot is made of sheepskin, and comes in a variety of colors. The sole isAuthentic UGG Boots Women's Classic Tall Baroque made from EVA, a gum rubber sole that provides cushion when walking. Boots in the Classic Collection include the Bailey Button (with a cute button and wider opening), Classic Talls, and Classic Short Boots.

There are also more sturdy Ugg Boots, called Weather Boots. Included in this are the Sundance Limited Edition, Sunburst Tall, Ultimate Tall Braid, Ultra Tall, and Ultimate and Ultra Short. What distinguishes these from the Classic Ugg Boots are the sole - they are made from a sturdier rubber bottom, with tread on the bottom. Several of these boots are more expensive, and use higher-quality shearling and have more construction to it (reinforced toes and

Authentic Knit UGG Boots Women's Classic CardyA New line of Ugg Boots are the Knit Boots. These are such fun, and extremely comfortable. The line includes the Classic Argyle Knit, Classic Cardy, and the Classic Tall Stripe Cable Knit. These boots are not meant to be worn outside in the snow, as they are made from knitted sweater-like material. When I wear mine, I just love them, though. They feel good, like they are hugging my feet. Walking is very comfortable - they are perfect for wearing indoors, all fall while it is nice out, or for short trips outside in the winter.
Authentic Fashion UGG Boots Women's Cove

Ugg also has a line of "Fashion" Boots for women - these include ones with higher heels (Endell, Broome, Gissella), some knit boots (Suburb Crochet Tall), and some unique styles (Roseberry, Shoreline, Knightsbridge, Mayfaire).

Authentic Ugg Boots Men's Classic ShortFor Men, there are three main lines of Ugg Boots. The Classic Line incompasses the classic Ugg Boots described earlier. The Casual Line has several structured leather boots, with treaded thick soles. They include Gallatin, Hartsville, Rockville, Wrangell, and Cottian. The eather/Performance Line includes Brantling, Hartsville, Wrangell, Beacon, the Ultra Short, and the Muscovy.









Ugg Boot Sizing and Comfort


For Classic and Knit Boots, retailers recommend that you buy a half size to a full size smaller than you normally wear, as the boots will stretch out. For Weather/Performance Boots, you should order your normal size, as they run true to fit and will not stretch out.

Ugg Boots are designed to be worn barefoot. This will make the fleece cushioning mold to your feet, and give you support. As well, going barefoot inside the boot will allow the natural properties of the wool to either wick away moisture (if your feet are hot) or warm up your feet (if they are cold). Ugg notes that the wool will keep your feet warm down to -30F and cool up to 80F.

If you do prefer to wear socks, it is a good idea to wear SmartWool Socks. These act similarly to the wool, wicking away moisture or warming up your feet.








Caring for your Ugg Boots


Since Ugg Boots are made from Sheepskin (except for the Knit Line), you should care for them gently.  Ugg recommends that you use a water-based Authentic UGG Australia Sheepskin Care Kitwaterproofing and stain repellant. DO NOT USE Silicone, as it will make the leather unbreathable. Using a water-based waterproofing and stain repellant will ensure that the boot can still breathe, and keep your feet both warm and cool (as needed). For cleaning, you should use a footwear cleaning gel (also water-based) monthly. You can buy an Ugg Care Kit, recommended by Ugg and highly rated by users.









Only Purchase Ugg Boots from Authorized Dealers


Ugg is an extremely popular brand. Because of that, there are online retailers selling knock-off versions of Ugg Boots and passing them off as the originals, at an unbelievably low price. There are also retailers out there that will take your order and not deliver the boots. Ugg Australia requires all of its authorized dealers to maintain price integrity. If you see a deal that is too good to be true, it is.

The Online Retailer We Recommend is an authorized dealer for Ugg Australia. They have a large selection in all styles and sizes. They offer a lifetime return guarantee for unworn boots, and have a lowest price guarantee (they will match any price from an authorized Ugg Retailer).  You can have you new Ugg Boots in a couple of days.  Click the link below to visit their store...

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Ugg Boots are fun, stylish, and cool. We know that you will enjoy your Ugg Boots for many years to come, as I do.











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