Air Wear: Travel Messenger Bags and More

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As you know, at, we are always looking for high-quality, unique global items for our members. I've found THE COOLEST stuff on the planet, and can't wait to share it with you. Designed by Jason Solarek, Air Wear is a one-of-a-kind, brilliant way to share your love of travel with the world.


Air Wear Airport codes


Love the food in Bogota? Sip your coffee from a BOG mug...

Air Wear Bogota Mug

Archaeology your gig? ? Make the CAI messenger bag your carryon...

Shopping the markets in Asakusa? Keep track in your NRT notebook...

Air Wear Narita Notebook

Surfing in South Africa? Wear your CPT hat to keep the sun off...

Air Wear Capetown Baseball Hat

Want to show the world how much you love Seattle? SEA on your tshirt!

Air Wear Seattle t-shirt


We've interviewed Jason about his art and the process of creating Air Wear...You can read the interview HERE.


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