International Food: Italian

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It seems like every single day, we eat Italian food. Perhaps it is the foundation - olive oil? The pasta? The unique taste of the Balsamic Vinegar?  Or just the delicious flavors that keep us coming back to it.

We've found two very different Italian Food Importers to work with, each providing a unique service for our wanderingeducators.


We've partnered with, run by a family estate in the Marche region of Italy. As has said, "It is in that same tradition that my husband and I created the idea of Olivenation…to share with our American friends and neighbors a select few of the great ingredients we have found (and personally tasted) in our travels throughout Italy. All of these culinary treasures are from small independent producers in Marche, Tuscany, Sicily and Puglia and, as you might expect, are in limited supply. We delight in sharing them with you.


Secondly, we've partnered with, a specialty Italian foods importer located in Connecticut. They specialize in gift baskets and Italian meats (inexpensive prices).




On your behalf, we've already donated 10% of our revenues (and will continue to donate 10% of all revenues) to several humanitarian causes.

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