The Most Stylish and Functional Wearable Tech for Men this 2016

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As was evident in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), emerging technologies like wearable tech, virtual reality, augmented reality, and smart cars are set to transform the way we work, commute, play, and exercise. While it may take many years before some of the more radical new technologies receive widespread consumer adoption, many of us have already begun investing in wearable devices—such as smartwatches and fitness trackers—in a bid to make our lives healthier and more productive.

If you’re a stylish and progressive man, you’re no doubt interested in getting the best portable electronics without sacrificing your carefully cultivated style. Thankfully, many of the latest wearable tech are designed with stylishness, functionality, and comfort in mind. Check out these highly recommended wearable tech devices.

1.     Moov Now

Moov Now isn’t just a fitness tracker; it’s also a learning and coaching tracker that helps athletes get the most out of their workouts. Moov Now is paired with a dedicated mobile device software and provides personalized A.I. coaching in running and walking, cardio boxing, swimming, cycling, and body weight workouts. This wearable device also provides daily activity tracking by monitoring your active minutes during the day and inactive minutes at night.

Moov Now. From The Most Stylish and Functional Wearable Tech for Men this 2016
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To provide accurate and comprehensive coaching stats, Moov Now is equipped with an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. The device analyzes and coaches your form, measures your motion (e.g., landing impact), counts your reps in 7-minute workouts, and provides real-time feedback as you work out.

The device is comfortable to wear on the wrist and ankles, and it isn’t as unwieldy as the first iteration. Moov Now’s strap is fashioned from lightweight silicone, and there’s a tiny pouch where you can slip in the sensor. Those who’re worried about short battery life would be glad to know that the Moov Now is powered by a watch battery (unlike the first iteration, which was powered by a rechargeable lithium battery). As a result, the battery can power the device up to six months on a single charge.

Armed with so much useful data and insightful coaching, you’re bound to achieve or even surpass your fitness goals in no time.

2.    Ralph Lauren PoloTech Shirt

PoloTech shirt. From The Most Stylish and Functional Wearable Tech for Men this 2016
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You’ve probably heard that Google and Levi’s have teamed up to create smart clothing. Other tech companies and major fashion brands have jumped on the bandwagon and are releasing their own line of stylish and functional smart clothing. Gentlemen who’re interested in investing in workout clothing that absorbs sweat while providing valuable workout data should consider Ralph Lauren’s new biometric shirts.

The PoloTech Shirt by Ralph Lauren is a sleek and stylish workout shirt that has silver fibers woven directly into the fabric. The shirt has a small, sensor-filled black box that fits into the shirt near the rib cage. These features track biometric stats like number of steps taken, heart rate, energy exertion, and breathing depth.

There’s also a Ralph Lauren mobile app that streams live data from the PoloTech shirt to your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. On the downside, the app is iOS-only as of this writing and currently doesn’t integrate with other third-party apps.

To see the PoloTech shirt in action, check out this video:


3.    Huawei Watch

The Huawei Watch is a cut above the rest, as it sports premium smartwatch features along with a timeless Swiss design. It pairs with any Android phone and is one of the first smartwatches to be powered by Android Wear, enabling it to work seamlessly with the iPhone.

The Huawei Watch also features a high-resolution, fully round sapphire crystal display and an ergonomic button positioned at 2 o’clock for ease of use. Style-conscious aficionados would be glad to know that the watch is available in a range of premium casings and fine leather/stainless steel straps.

Huawei Watch. From The Most Stylish and Functional Wearable Tech for Men this 2016
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Aside from being a stylish timepiece, the Huawei Watch is also a precise fitness tracker. Armed with a high-accuracy motion sensor, the fitness tracker monitors your physical activity and knows when you’re walking, running, or climbing. As for smartwatch capabilities, the Huawei Watch provides timely notifications right from your wrist. You can control your music on-the-go, access your favorite apps, and get more work done with Google Now.

Who needs a personal assistant when you have such an amazing piece of technology strapped to your wrist?

4.     Microsoft HoloLens

You’ve probably heard rumors about Microsoft’s plan to release its own pair of smartglasses. The Microsoft HoloLens is the company’s premier augmented reality head-mounted smartglasses. While it won’t be available to the general public until the end of 2016, the pre-production version (known as the Development Edition) is currently available for developers and enterprise clients, provided they’re willing to cough up $3,000. 

Touted as the “first fully self-contained, holographic computer,” the HoloLens allows you to interact with high-definition holograms in your everyday world.
Microsoft HoloLens. From The Most Stylish and Functional Wearable Tech for Men this 2016
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The headset wraps around the user’s head with a thick visor-like band and weighs about 579 grams. As for individual components, the HoloLens is equipped with holographic lenses (one for each eye and constructed from three layers of glass), a depth camera, high-tech speakers, on-board processing via Intel 32-bit architecture, and an unspecified GPU and HPU. Users will also enjoy 2GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage.

Creative professionals will appreciate the HoloLen’s 2-megapixel HD camera, which can be used to snap photos and record mixed reality video. Audio capture is provided by four microphones. As for software, the HoloLens runs the Windows Holographic platform under the Windows 10 operating system.

When it comes to applications, the possibilities are endless. The HoloLens is set to change the way we communicate, work, collaborate, consume media, play, and explore. Moreover, the HoloLens’ ability to project three dimensional models will make it an invaluable tool for architects, product designers, artists, game developers, and other creative professionals. 
For more insight into the HoloLens’ capabilities, check out this intriguing video: