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latte crudo, raw whole milk

We can't get enough of latte crudo - whole, raw, unpasteurized, unhomogenized milk! We gather our glass bottles & loose change, head up the hill to the medieval town of Urbino & eagerly fill our bottles.

Whenever guests come to visit either I take them there myself or suggest a visit to the little roadside stand where you can get a litre of fresh milk straight from the farm for 1.10 Euro! What a deal - especially when the regular milk is just under 2 Euro. So why not go straight to the source and support local farmers!  You just can't beat the freshness & quality of raw whole milk- the cream rises to the top & you can either scoop that little bit of heaven out & enjoy or shake it up & drink straight from the bottle! Last winter we sat around the fire, our hands warming the milk & passed the bottle around the table, everyone shaking it to their own beat & we made homemade butter!

The other evening we were stopping to fill our bottles after visiting with friends and low & behold guess who walks up - the milk man! The farmer, Andrea Busetto Vicari who produces this delicious liquid gold!  

We recognized his face & wild white hair immediatly (most of the milk stands have a life-size cut out of him) He's larger than life! I ran right up & introduced myself as an American living in Italy & that we love his milk! He was thrilled! I think he was just as excited to see two Americans so enthusiastic over his milk as we were to meet the famous milk man!

A crowd started to grow as we chatted about his milk production, fears some have of drinking raw milk & his plans for the future.  He brilliantly cut out the middle man a few years back & started selling directly to locals through these self-contained, self-cleaning roadside stands that he fills up about 3 times a week. He opened the door & let us peek in to see how it all works!

Next time you are in the Pesaro-Urbino area of Northern Le Marche stop at a latte crudo stand - even if only for a taste! (Handy plastic cup dispensor makes it easy to sample the goods). Keep an eye out for a big fake cow near the side of the road - the telltale sign of the latte crudo stand.   

PESARO: Via Flaminia
PESARO: Via Pantano, 53 (presso panetteria Malandrino)
PESARO: Via Guido d'Arezzo (presso "Piatto ricco")
PESARO: Via Cecchi, 16 (presso "Gastronomia del Porto")
MONTECCHIO: Via Pio La Torre (presso "Macelleria Londei")
URBINO: Viale F. Comandino
CATTOLICA: Via Allende, 21 (presso Piro’s)
MONTECALVO IN FOGLIA: Strada Provinciale Fogliense
FANO: via Roma (presso sagrato di San Cristoforo)

For more information on the milk man & his farm check out Latte di Montefeltro
Support your local farmers & drink raw whole milk! For more information on raw milk in the States:
Real Milk
Great Vancouver Real Milk Agency
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Ashley Bartner is the Living in Italy Editor for Wandering Educators.

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