Crime Novel by Insider Exposes the Underbelly of the Medical Profession

by Dr. Jessie Voigts /
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Sep 01, 2013 / 0 comments

Long time WE Travel Adventures Editor, Julie Royce, has published PILZ, a novel of crime fiction. Starting today and through Labor Day Weekend (8/31-9/2) the Kindle version of PILZ is FREE. To download your free copy, click on the following URL: Please note that kindle books can be read on any computer or smartphone (or kindle) - there's a reader for every type and brand of electronics. Smart!




PILZ: prescription drugs used for recreational purposes.


What happens when doctors who have sworn to do no harm become the enemy?


Assistant Attorney General Casey Lawrence believes her biggest problem is her ex-husband camped in the guestroom. That annoyance escalates to major trouble when she enters her blood-spattered study. Her ex is missing, and she becomes the prime suspect in his disappearance. A grisly crime she committed seventeen years earlier sucks her into a conspiracy between a drug kingpin and doctors selling prescriptions. The stakes are her career, her freedom, and her life. The only cards she holds are her wits, a well-honed survival instinct, and the loyalty of an ex-cop with questionable ethics. Will those be enough to win the deadly game?


PILZ is a sizzling crime thriller written by an insider whose legal career exposed her to the underbelly of the medical profession. It is spine-tingling murder and betrayal that will leave you wondering how far to trust your family doctor.