Travelled Europe? Paid writing gigs

by Craig Martin /
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Sep 29, 2008 / 0 comments

Craig Martin of the Indie Travel Podcast is looking for several people
to collaborate on his new book, “Travelling Europe”. This is the first
in a planned series of publications. There are several sections which
he cannot write from experience and, although he could write from a
research-based perspective, he is looking for first-hand information.

Each article should be full of practical advice about independent travel in Europe. We’ll be choosing one author for each piece.

Topics are:
* solo male travel
* solo female travel
* disabled travel
* family travel (both with kids and with older family members)
* older people’s travel

In return, we’ll give you US$15 via paypal; a short bio with picture and
links to your site (in the book and in marketing material); and instant
access to the top tier of our affiliate programme. Plus you’ll get the
joy of being published!

This will begin as an ebook and quickly
be published as an audiobook. If there is sufficient demand it will be
updated and turned into a print publication. If you’re interested in
this, please send a detailed email with your pitch or article (on spec)

mail [at] indietravelpodcast dot com

or using the contact form on site. Make sure you include your perspective, experience and an article outline.

Selections close October 3rd.

We are always looking for writers to contribute regular or one-off
articles on the site. Email for more information about how to join us.