Teaching English Abroad

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Teaching English abroad is an awesome way to travel and see the world, and an entry level TESOL qualification is all you need to get started. What a fantastic opportunity to diversify your CV and become immersed in another culture!

Teaching English Abroad

#VolunteerAbroadBecause Changing Lives Changed Mine

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My name is Josh Moshenberg, and I'm a 17 year old photographer from Toronto. I have been in love with three things since I was very young: photography, travel, and helping the world. The journey to Kenya I just embarked on was an amazing mix of all three of those things. 

Alexander Hamilton Papers Now Online at the Library of Congress

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The Library of Congress has put the papers of Alexander Hamilton online for the first time in their original format. 

Count Uses Sheep to Snag Wine Lovers

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Next time you’re searching for a unique white wine, uncork a bottle of Saladini Pilastri Pecorino white wine. Is the name of the Italian, family-owned winery a challenge?  No problem.  Just ask for wine with sheep on the label.

Saladini Pilastri Pecorino white wine. From Count Uses Sheep to Snag Wine Lovers

7 Tips for teaching your kids to appreciate art museums

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Aug 29, 2017 /
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I’m an avid art museum traveler. Wherever we go, we make sure to visit as many art museums as possible (this is the second priority in our travel planning – the first being great food). When we had a child, I wasn’t concerned that she’d love art museums, too.

6 Foodie Finds in Detroit

by MyKidsEatSquid / Aug 28, 2017 /
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Detroit doesn’t tend to make headlines as a foodie destination.
It should.
Before moving to Detroit, Michigan, I had a grocery list of misconceptions about the Motor City, including an expectation it would be a food desert in the Midwest.
Instead, what I found was that Detroit holds a diverse mix of different cultures and people. And food.

Florida Culture for the Week of August 27, 2017 By Josh Garrick

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Florida Culture for the Week of August 27, 2017 By Josh Garrick 

Sabbatical Homes Listings: Germany

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Title: Beautiful, generously proportioned apartment for rent in the popular Bötzowviertel
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date Posted: Oct. 6, 2016
Direct Link: http://www.AcademicHomes.com/view_home/12260
Beautiful, generously proportioned apartment for rent in the popular Bötzowviertel, right in the heart of the famous Prenzlauer Berg. The first floor apartment has two bedrooms with each a double bed and one with a small balcony. 

Besides the two bedro...

Savour Stratford Offers a Unique Fall Scavenger Hunt with the Pumpkin Trail

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Fall is a time for corn mazes, apple picking, pumpkin carving, seeing the colors change, and eating fresh, seasonal food. It’s also a great time to travel to do all these things, so as to expand said fall activities. So imagine my great joy at finding a scavenger hunt for fall in Stratford, Ontario. Now, I already love Stratford for so many things – plenty of art, an incredible food scene, shopping par excellence, swans and gardens, and, of course, the theatre, but their Pumpkin Trail, which runs in the fall, is pure genius. Let me tell you why.

Artist of the Month: Vanessa Pineda Fox

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Aug 24, 2017 /
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Happy Ring Dish, by artist Vanessa Pineda Fox