The Fire Truck Who Got Lost: New children’s book by first-time author on the Autistic Spectrum

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“I’m not just an autistic kid anymore, I have climbed a freaking mountain" writes Colin Eldred-Cohen on the release of his new children’s book, The Fire Truck Who Got Lost.   

Eldred-Cohen is a 28-year old creative writer with Asperger’s Syndrome. The Fire Truck Who Got Lost is his first children’s that became a reality through a highly successful crowdfunding campaign. 

3 Reasons Why Your Travel Website Isn't Getting Any Traffic

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Imagine a world where your travel blog had thousands and thousands of monthly visitors. Your best travel tips and tools got the attention they deserved, and you’re finally able to quit your day job to become a full-timer blogger.

Sounds pretty legit, doesn’t it?

Traffic is the lifeblood behind any successful online venture, but you need lots of it to reap the rewards.

Don’t worry if your travel site isn’t seeing the traffic numbers you hoped for. Below, I’ve outlined 3 reasons why this might be the case and how to correct them.

An Exciting Day of Adventure in the French Alps

by Lars Wagoner / Dec 13, 2016 /
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It was a nice summer day in Morzine, a small town in the French Alps about an hour east of Geneva. The trees were highlighted with morning sun, the stream below the house was roaring, and I was fast asleep. 

I don’t remember much about getting up that day, but there is one thought that still goes through my mind every morning: Waking up is difficult. Especially when you start thinking about getting ready to seize the day, ugh… so much work. 

Florida Culture for Your HOLIDAY Calendar! Week of December 11, 2016 By Josh Garrick

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Florida Culture for Your HOLIDAY Calendar! Week of December 11, 2016 By Josh Garrick 

Magic Sketch: A Fun Way to Bring Art on Your Travels

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Do you know Magic Sketch? It's a low-tech drawing tablet that's light, has a long-lasting battery, and encourages creativity.

Magic Sketch: A Fun Way to Bring Art on Your Travels

What it’s like Visiting a Beach Town in Winter

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‘Pointless’ might be something you would expect when I tell you what it’s like to visit a beach town in winter. When a town makes its living during the summer months of tourists visiting its sandy beaches and Lake Huron shores, it’s easy to pretend that the town doesn’t exist in the winter months.

7 Fun Things to Do during the Harsh Michigan Winters

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Dec 10, 2016 /
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This month at the Travel Blog Mob, the theme is Stupid Questions (although we all KNOW that there are no stupid questions, right?). It's all a matter of perspective.

So, our Stupid Question to answer this month: What is there to do in Michigan during the long cold winter months?


A Portrait of Emily Price: Art, Italy, and an Intercultural Life

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Do you love your fiction to be intercultural, full of travel and learning about new things and cultures? Me, too. One such read is a new book by Katherine Reay, entitled A Portrait of Emily Price. It's a book about finding yourself, in more ways than one. It's about family, and doing what you love (and finding out what you love, which is a whole different ball game), and intercultural adjustment, and love, and moving to another country, and finding a new family. Here's the truth: I couldn't put it down.

The Railway Garden at Meijer Gardens: A Holiday Tradition

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The holidays are well underway at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their annual Christmas and Holiday Traditions Around The World exhibition features more than 40 holiday trees and displays from around the globe. This magical time of year includes glow of 300,000 lights, unique hand-made ornaments and blossoming holiday plantings.

Preparing Yourself To Teach A Language Abroad

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Are you the type of individual who would love to be able to travel for work? You’re not the only one. Every year, thousands of people travel to other countries to begin working abroad, while getting paid for their efforts. Believe it or not, there are enormous possibilities out there for those that want to make money, while traveling  and living abroad. One of the most popular ways to make money while traveling is by teaching a language.