WeJustGotBack.com: Great Resource for Travelling with Kids

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We have 6 year old daughter, and love traveling with her. However, as fun as it is to travel with kids, it is also challenging  - keeping them entertained, finding cool things to do and learn about, and more. Luckily, I've found a fantastic website, WeJustGotBack.com, that helps with all of the above! I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, Editor in Chief, about her site. Here's what she had to say...

WE:  Please tell us about your travel site, WeJustGotBack.com...

SRK: WeJustGotBack.com is a one-stop resource for families planning a trip. We do not sell vacations; we are all about giving advice and providing the kind of detailed information parents need to plan trips with their children. We have in-depth reviews of resorts; lots of expert advice about how to travel cheaper and smarter; reader-submitted tips; insider city guides; and a brand new blog with family travel news and deals.

WE: How did you start the site?

SRK: We launched in 2006. I am a co-founder of the site along with our publisher, Carolyn Gatto. We both brought decades of print journalism and editing experience to the venture, and we shared the same vision of a consumeristic site where parents could get honest information. For a while, the site was essentially run as a two-woman team with a part-time web developer and web designer. As we've grown, we've been able to add other key staff members. Our popularity has grown organically, through word of mouth and some nice media plugs. Our deals newsletter now goes out to over 15,000 subscribers.

WE:  How are you different from other travel sites?

SRK:  A lot of family trip-planning resources talk in vague terms and label practically every resort "family-friendly." We go into a lot more detail, considering whether the property is better for parents with kids in certain age groups, sensibilities, or interests. We also tell parents about hidden fees and over-the-top charges for services. That's something a lot of other sites and publications gloss over.

WE:  Who are your contributors?

SRK: Our site is a mix of expert-written advice and reader-submitted comments and tips. I have been a travel writer and editor for nearly 20 years and write the vast majority of advice articles, but that's changing as we grow. We're starting to bring in more outside writers. For our hotel reviews, our correspondents are always "real moms." And we get tons of great tips, comments, and reviews from our readers.

WE:  I see all kinds of great tips and values - how often do you update the

SRK: We are updating practically every day. Readers are constantly offering submissions and our blog is updated frequently. We post new feature articles and reviews monthly.

WE:  We are always trying to teach our daughter about giving back wherever we go. Are there any tips on your site for giving back to the communities?

SRK: We have written about one family's volunteer vacation in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, and there are many nuggets of advice scattered throughout the site on how to be more responsible, empathetic travelers.

WE: Do you envision expanding into Europe and outside of North America?

SRK: We're still a relatively young site and made a conscious decision to begin with destinations close to home where most Americans could reach relatively easily. But, yes, it's always been our plan to eventually cover destinations that are further afield. It's a big world out there, and we'll eventually cover it all.

WE: Thanks so much, Suzanne!! We use your site quite a bit, and I'm always finding new and great information on it!

We Just Got Back is now part of minitime.com