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Climate Change: Ten Small Ways to Make a Big Difference

by Hala Khabir / Apr 25, 2022 /
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The earliest memory I have about being made aware of climate change dates back to elementary school. My teachers would stress the fact that recycling is so important; the three R's were emphasized: reduce, reuse, and recycle

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One of the biggest issues in the history of mankind is climate change; there are appalling effects of climate change to our planet, society, and the communities it impacts. The amount of pollution contributed to global climate change is partially due to heavy consumerism. The rise in global temperatures will inevitably lead to lack of quality crops such as cotton, reducing the ability to make quality clothing.

Climate Change and Sustainability: Why Should You Care?

by Hala Khabir / Apr 16, 2022 /
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I drove down to Myrtle Beach last spring break. Upon arriving, I couldn’t help but notice the mounds of litter huddling around the stop sign at an intersection. While walking around, I was able to observe the murky waters of this popular spring break spot. I wondered how the ecosystem in the local ocean was able to survive the hazards caused by beachgoers, and how it affected the local water quality. 

Climate Change: Rising Sea Levels and Displacement

by Sarah Carter / Nov 03, 2021 /
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In 2020, a concerning new record high in the global mean sea level was documented. An increase in approximately 8-9 inches since 1880 was recorded; over a third of this increase has happened within the last two decades. ii Sea levels are continuing to rise and at an alarming rate, jeopardising the lives and livelihood of many human beings.

Climate change: Rising sea levels and displacement

Climate Change and Inequality: Does Climate Change Discriminate?

by Sarah Carter / Oct 07, 2021 /
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Does Climate Change Discriminate?

Climate Change and Inequality...Does Climate Change Discriminate?

Linking Human Rights and Climate Change

by Sarah Carter / Sep 21, 2021 /
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Whether you think you are or not, everyone is affected by climate change. The climate crisis urgently needs individual and international attention.Human beings are the primary cause of the situation that we are currently in, and all humans are suffering the consequences of our collective actions.

Linking Human Rights and Climate Change

A Letter from the Frontlines of Climate Change

What would you do if your whole world was disappearing inch by inch… day by day… week by week… month by month… year by year? Would you try and save it? Would you tell others about it?

Would you resign to accepting fate, as many tell you to do?  

What if your life was not the only life in danger? What if your entire family’s lives were in danger?  What if the danger threatened your friends, neighbors, workmates lives, everyone you knew?

What if there were no way to stop the danger?