Through the Eyes of an Educator: The Beach

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Gone to the Beach

Through the Eyes of an Educator: National Parks

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I’ve lived near the water my entire life. Summer days were spent running toes through the sand and jumping through endless waves. At university, I met a girl from Kansas and asked her what she did during the summer - many of our answers were different. I don’t think I appreciated the beauty of landlocked regions until much later in life. In my opinion, the sun rose and set on oceans and beaches - everything else was moot. Travel changed that. Interaction with others changed that.

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Best Hikes Near Big Cities

There are so many benefits to spending vacation time in big cities, from the cultural exhibitions and top restaurants, to shopping up a storm and eyeing off amazing architecture. However, sometimes vacations in busy destinations can lead travelers to feeling like they really need some fresh air and strenuous exercise to counter-balance the chaos. 

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5 Unusual Things to Do In Iceland

Iceland is an unusual place. Traveling here is an education in folklore, huldufólk, the uniqueness of living on a small island, and in the creativity that arises from living in such a stark landscape.

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Sea Otters, Sea Lions, and California Seals, Oh My!

A frolicsome sea otter, noisy (and stinky) sea lions, and hundreds of migrating pelicans were among the first inhabitants to greet us as the Elkhorn Slough Safari (a 27 ft. pontoon boat) motored slowly away from the harbor. 

Taking the Elkhorn Slough Safari - Sea Otters, Sea Lions, and California Seals, Oh My!