6 Destinations Perfect for Walking Holidays

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For some people, relaxation during a holiday is all about a leisurely walk, while for others, walking is more of a sport. Whether it is in a park, mall, or on a hiking path, walking is an activity that can be enjoyable in more ways than one. With this in mind, if you are looking for a place that can be visited for a walking holiday, below are some of the best options. 

6 Destinations Perfect for Walking Holidays


This country is famous for its mountain walks passing through the Himalayas. Some may instantly reject the idea because of the assertion that it is going to be challenging. While there are difficult trails, there are also routes that can prove to be perfect even for beginners. There are also unique camping treks in remote areas, which will provide you with a more memorable travel experience. Be ready, however, to brace the cold weather during your walk. 

6 Destinations Perfect for Walking Holidays: Nepal

United Kingdom

The UK is gifted with wonderful and relaxing scenery, which makes it one of the perfect destinations for walking holidays. One of the best would be the West Highland Way - this Scottish trail covers a distance of 95 miles. Another popular choice is the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall - the spectacular coastline of this route is perhaps one of its most impressive features. Stanage Edge in the Peak District would also be an excellent choice. If you are staying in London, make sure you see all the sights by taking part in a walking tour. For more information visit Free Tours By Foot

6 Destinations Perfect for Walking Holidays: United Kingdom


Quebec, to be specific, can be one of the best destinations for walking holidays. Its natural and cultural beauty will provide you with a rewarding and immersive experience. From granite cliffs to fresh water, you will see a variety of natural attractions that will make you feel thankful for doing the walk. Even if you go for quite a long walk, you should not find it too difficult due to the relaxing sights around you. Here are 6 Quebec trails that end with a waterfall.

6 Destinations Perfect for Walking Holidays: Canada


The Camino de Santiago is one of the most popular walking paths in Spain. Also known as GR65, it is one of the most traversed trails in Spain. If you are looking for something that can offer a more exquisite experience, Poveda de la Sierra can be an excellent choice. Spring and autumn are the best times to go on walking holidays in Spain, due to the blend of great views and good weather. Visit Families Worldwide to start planning your Spanish adventure. 

6 Destinations Perfect for Walking Holidays: Spain


If you are looking for a walking tour that can prove to be historical and cultural, Bhutan is perfect. It is not as crowded as other more popular destinations, yet it can offer an equally memorable experience. Ancient temples, quaint villages, and green paddies are just some of the attractions that will surely make your walk enjoyable. There are many places where you can stop, mingle with the locals, and learn about their life. 

6 Destinations Perfect for Walking Holidays: Bhutan


The French countryside, which is characterised with quiet villages and dramatic coastlines, will make your walking tour memorable. From the vineyards of Burgundy to the hidden gems of the Dordogne, you will have an eclectic selection of walking tours to book. In the country’s capital, Paris, you can spend the entire afternoon just walking around the metropolis and exploring its most iconic sights - or make your own bookstore tour of the city.

6 Destinations Perfect for Walking Holidays: France


Where is your favorite walking destination?