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A Lancaster Hershey Babymoon

My husband and I were expecting a baby in October and we wanted to take a babymoon, a last “hurrah,” if you will, before we became a family of three. Like so many other people, my husband and I never even heard of a babymoon before! We learned that it’s a trip to reconnect with your spouse before the baby comes. It can be as fun or as romantic as the couple prefers and many couples go for the relaxation route—which was the same route I was hoping for in our trip.

An Unexpected Chocolate Haven: Erie, Pennsylvania

by Culinary Spelunker /
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Sep 28, 2015 / 0 comments

When it comes to storied chocolate towns in Pennsylvania, most people probably point out Hershey in the southeast—home of the little melt-in-your-mouth kisses that made the company, and town, popular. But Erie, located in the northwestern slip of the state that separates Ohio to the west and New York to the East, hugging Lake Erie’s shoreline, has a chocolate history dating back just as far.

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The Old Honeymoon Capital of the World...The Poconos!

Nestled in the northeastern region of Pennsylvania is a lovely four-season destination called The Pocono Mountains. Rolling mountain terrain and breathtaking views and waterfalls encompass an area of 2,400 miles and four counties. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania almost my whole life and never visited this area before. I’ve heard it called the old “Honeymoon Capital of the World” and after a romantic getaway with my husband, I understood why!

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Intrigued by the Harmony of Nature and Lives at Ohiopyle State Park

I have enjoyed living in Pittsburgh for the most part of past four years. To be honest, though, Pittsburgh winters can be a little bit of dull. Thus, when summer finally arrives, everything is reborn. So am I!

Intrigued by the Harmony of Nature and Lives at Ohiopyle State Park