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How to Pack for 6 Months Abroad

by Stephane Alexandre / Mar 17, 2017 /
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Firstly, here is a haiku about packing:

No no no no no
No no no no no no no
No no no no no

This haiku conveniently translates into French by replacing every "no" with "non"

Every time I remember my time abroad in Chile, I find that I am discovering new things that I learned from my time abroad. Without further ado, here are my hard-earned facts about packing:

How to Pack for 6 Months Abroad

How To Pack For A Trip: Ditch The Load And Go!

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My family has been traveling for years, and everywhere we go we meet people who want to travel. Excitedly, they list all of the places they want to see, experiences they want to have, and friends they would like to bring. Then comes the “but.” Everyone has one. Whether it is work, school, lack of funding, or simply insecurity, all wanna-be travelers have an excuse.

Studying Abroad? Here's Your Ultimate Packing List

by Heather Robinette / Jul 11, 2016 /
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Packing for short trips is hard. Packing for long-term study abroad trips is even harder. I will admit, I procrastinated until the last day to pack. It felt like such a daunting task. The biggest thing I learned is if you forget something, you typically can find it there or something close to it. So don’t overthink it too much! I put together this packing list to hopefully help you make packing a little easier. You'll be packing for the travel time (on the plane) and for your study abroad experience, as well as weekend travels, etc.

Packing List for the Girls’ Weekend

An excerpt from You’re the Best: A Celebration of Friendship

Twenty years ago, my friend Sarah sent out an email to her college buddies to get together for a women’s weekend. Newly single with two young children, she wanted time with her friends. A smallish group showed up for support, and we’ve been meeting ever since. I couldn’t make that first meeting and missed a few others while living abroad, but my friends have always saved me a place.

What I packed & what I shouldn’t have brought

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What I packed & what I shouldn’t have brought: one girl’s struggle with over packing and condensing.

When I find out I’m going on vacation, my first thought (aside from being excited that I’m going somewhere) is ‘oh shit. How am I going to pack?