Frankenstein's Monster: What Does It Mean To Be a Person?

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I sat down at the roots of a tree to draw what seemed to be a Marguerite, a delicate white flower. I was surrounded by trees and mountain tops as I doodled away with my pencil in my well-loved notebook. As is typical with dreams, I never once questioned how these things came into my possession, or even how I had arrived at such a magical place. As dusk approached, I decided to wander further into the forest, until coming across one of the most unsightly creatures I had ever seen. 

A Journey into Ireland's Literary Revival

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I am very pleased to present one of my very favorite books I've read this year, written by our very own Literary Travel Editor, Robert Todd Felton.  His book, A Journey into Ireland's Literary Revival, published by Roaring Forties Press, is an intriguing read.

Literary Landmarks to Explore in Dublin, UNESCO’s 2010 City of Literature

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Literary Landmarks to Explore in Dublin, UNESCO’s 2010 City of Literature

Iceland's Rich Writing Traditions Influence the World - and Travel

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What do you do on an island? You tell stories. What you do on Iceland, one of the world's most famous islands, the land of fire and ice? You tell stories, write books, influence the entire world with your landscape, culture, mythology, beliefs, and, of course, writing.

Award-Winning Authors Headline Eleventh Annual Newburyport Literary Festival

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The eleventh annual Newburyport Literary Festival (NLF) will take place April 29-30 in various venues throughout downtown Newburyport, Massachusetts. This year the Festival will honor the poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay and local teacher and poet Deborah Szabo