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#StudyAbroadBecause you can never be done learning new things!

Clare Miller is a sophomore student from Philadelphia studying at the University of Pittsburgh, pursuing a double major in Linguistics and Hispanic Language and Literatures with a concentration in Latin American Studies, and a Certificate in African Studies. She loves to read and write, listen to podcasts, play volleyball, run, cook, and play cards with her friends. Clare’s dream job is to work as a Catholic missionary in another country, or maybe in a neighborhood or school in her own city!

On Safari in Tanzania

The early morning sunlight shone into the room though the mosquito netting, waking me from my sleep in Tanzania.  I rolled over towards the wall, trying to escape the brightness.  But then I remembered what we were going to do, and I got up.  We were going on a safari! 

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Best Safari Parks in Tanzania

Whether you’ve experienced the concept of a safari, or are a newbie, a Tanzanian safari is sure to leave you mesmerized, awestruck with its natural beauty and exotic animals. The country is believed to host some of the best safaris on the planet and its vast untouched national parks are ideal ways of diving into the wild, exploring nature at her best. Here are the five best safari parks in Tanzania - and best times to visit. After all, not all experiences are created the same!

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Want to go on Safari in Tanzania? Read this first...

Safari in Tanzania - it's a bucket list dream for most people. What makes it so? Maybe the incredible animal diversity, or the interesting locals. Or maybe it's the chance to get away from one's life, and experience something completely different. Whatever it is, we want to go!