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#TeachAbroadBecause … Your life begins when you find your passion

Amanda is a Master's student from Chicago, studying English as a Foreign Language in France. She began learning French at the age of 13, and fell in love with the language and the culture. Amanda studied in France twice during her undergraduate studies. While she doesn’t have a specific career path in mind, she does know that she wants to work in multiple languages and with people from around the world. 

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#TeachAbroadBecause… Life’s too short to stay in one place

Cleo Reiss is a 22-year-old University of Delaware graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. She has spent her first year out of college teaching English as a language assistant at a bilingual high school in Madrid. In her spare time, she is learning Spanish, blogging, volunteering, and traveling around Europe. She will continue teaching next year in Madrid and is looking forward to another fantastic year filled with challenges and adventures.