Book Reviews: Top 10 Guides - Rio & Buenos Aires

DK Top 10 Guides: Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires - Come along to South America with DK Eyewitness Travel

With the help of DK Eyewitness Travel Top 10 Rio de Janeiro, by Alex Robinson and DK Eyewitness Travel Top 10 Buenos Aires, by Declan McGarvey and Johnathon Schultz, there’s no need to lug around heavy, bulky guidebooks when you are out and about in Rio or Buenos Aires. These guides were designed to pack a lot of information into handy, pocket-sized books, and share the best of each destination with the reader. Best of all, despite the compact size of these books, DK did not skimp on their renowned high quality photos. I also appreciate the extra sturdy book covers that will survive the rigors of excessive use.

My favorite aspect of each of these books is the back tri-fold cover containing an easy to use map. There is also a small pouch in each guide with a beautifully laminated fold out street map and beneficial lists. On the Rio pull out map, you’ll find: Useful Words and Phrases; 10 Useful Numbers; 10 Parks and Gardens; 10 Rainy Day Activities, 10 Romantic Spots, 10 Music and Dance Venues and 10 Colonial Sights. The Buenos Aires pull out has similar lists including: 10 Cheap Lunch Spots; 10 Ways to Treat Yourself; 10 Invigorating Activities; and 10 Arty Hangouts. How cool is that?

Both of these guides are organized in the same way. They each start with chapters on the Top 10. Then within each of the top 10 are the Top 10 Features of that destination. Brilliant! In Rio de Janeiro, three of the Top 10 include: Sugarloaf Mountain; The Museum of National History; and the Ipanema and Leblon Beach Life. In Buenos Aires you’ll find: The Colon Theater; The National Museum of Fine Arts; and the Tango – yes, the dance! But the Top 10 does not end here. You’ll be treated to lists of the Top 10 of everything each city has to offer by topic – restaurants, nightclubs, activities for kids, culinary highlights, tours and excursions, shopping and so much more.

There is a chapter in each book called “Around Town” that will highlight the 10 best of each neighborhood and another chapter highlighting the Top 10 spots outside the cities themselves. In the practical section called “Streetsmart,” you’ll find help with choosing accommodations as well as pertinent general information about daily life. There is even a list of 10 Things to Avoid and plenty of other information to keep you healthy and safe while traveling abroad. The index at the very back of the book will take you right where you need to go in a hurry.

At one time or another, every traveler has experienced dilemmas when it comes to choosing what to do and see on a journey. It is easy to get bogged down with too much information and not enough time to decipher it all. The bottom line is that when you visit South American cities as exciting as Rio and Buenos Aires, you want to be well informed so that you can spend your time wisely and take advantage of the best each destination has to offer.  DK Eyewitness Travel Top 10 Rio de Janeiro and DK Eyewitness Travel Top 10 Buenos Aires will help you do just that without weighing you down.





Debbie Glade/smartpoodle is the Geography Awareness Editor for Wandering Educators