Travel Guide Book Review: Fodor's Central America

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Fodor's Central America, 3rd Edition, 2008.

Central America can be a traveler's dream - or nightmare. Different cultures, customs, food, and more can be confusing to one who hasn't been there yet. Fortunately, the world is getting smaller due to this information age that we live in, and we can research much before we travel and make our travel experiences smoother.

I've got a new travel guide book in hand, Fodor's Central America, 3rd Edition, 2008. As with all Fodor's travel guide books, it includes where to stay and eat for all budgets, must-see sights and local secrets, and ratings you can trust.

First, some facts - Mexico is not part of Central America. I know - it is right next to it! But, Central America is composed of Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. It is only slightly larger than France. A wide array of countries and cultures, Central America has a rich range of cultures and flavors. From volcanos to beaches, Central America is a treasure.

Book contents include:
Planning your trip - what's where, when to go, if you like, and great itineraries

Central America - country-specific guides for all 7 countries

Adventure learning vacations - adventure tours, beaches and relaxtaion, diving trips, ecotourism, language schools, mayan ruins, and volunteer vacations

Central America Essentials - getting started, booking your trip, transportation, and on the ground.

and 46!! maps

Written by a team of 8 Central American experts, this guidebook encompasses all that you need to know to plan a trip to Central America - and get the most out of your trip, whether you enjoy cultural experiences, dives, language travel, and more. Each section provides great detail on food, lodging, and activities.

BRAVO, Fodor's! This is one excellent guidebook to Central America.




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  • kholdwick

    13 years 7 months ago

    I'm planning a trip to Costa Rica for December.  Maybe this book would help my rather travel-reluctant boyfriend get excited for the trip.  :)

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