Travel Guide Book Review: Fodor's Michigan

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Fodor's Compass American Guides - Michigan

Written by Dixie Franklin with Bill Semion and Dan Stivers
Photography by Dan Cox

Compass American Guides are an imprint of Fodor's Travel Guides, and this book definitely has the hallmarks of Fodor's travel guides - spectacular photography, detailed colored maps, and tips and practical information to help you make the most of your trip.

This book explores:
The beaches and lighthouses of Michigan's Great Lake Coasts
Biking, hiking, and sailing the Mackinac Island Region
The Best of the Gaylord Area golf courses
Sidebars and essays on Henry Ford, Michael Moore, the Motown Sound, and the International Cherry Spit Competition
Literary extracts from Bruce Catton, Jim Harrison, and Elmore Leonard

The contents include:
Landscape and history
Ann Arbor
The Thumb
Sunrise Side
Southwest and West Central
Northwest and Mackinac Island
the Upper Peninsula

Lodging and restaurants are also briefly discussed.

This is a very good overview of Michigan, with lots of history and cultural context.  It is a great introduction to Michigan, for newcomers. However, for more details, such as local attractions, hours, shopping, museums, and more restaurants, you will have to add another guidebook to your reading pile.

This book is an excellent introduction to Michigan!


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  • kholdwick

    13 years 7 months ago

    I'm from Michigan,and with all the economic trouble it's having right now, I'm glad to see you have this book up for grabs.  It's such a beautiful state!

  • Jesse Miles

    13 years 7 months ago

    Michigan is much more than Detroit.  It looks like this guide shares the beauty of Michigan.

    Jesse Miles

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