Travel Guidebook Review: Fodor's Chile, Easter Island & Patagonia

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Fodor's Chile: including Easter Island and Argentine Patagonia


The title page says it all: Fodor's Chile: Where to Stay and Eat for All Budgets, Must-see Sights and Local Secrets, Ratings you Can Trust.

I love Fodor's travel guide books. They are well-organized and are actually fun to read. Let's explore Fodor's Chile: including Easter Island and Argentine Patagonia...

As usual with Fodor's travel guidebooks, this guide to Chile starts out with What's Where, If you Like, Quintessential Chile, Great Itineraries, When to Go, On the Calendar, and Smart Travel Tips. If you only read this part of the guidebook, you'd still get a great idea of what it is like to travel to Chile, and when, and what to do.

Geographically, Fodor's Chile breaks up the country into 10 different areas and explores each one in depth. Starting with Santiago, we can learn where to eat and stay, nightlife, arts, sports, outdoors, shopping, side trips, and essentials. The sections on the other 9 areas aren't as comprehensive but fill you in on the Central Coast, El Norte Chico, El Norte Grande, the Central Valley, the Lake District, Chiloe, the Southern Coast, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, and Easter Island.  I was surprised that the section on Easter Island was the second largest of the geographic areas covered in the book - but then again, I've not been there yet! I am still learning, and can't WAIT to get to Easter Island.

This book also includes lots of history, and I was pleased to discover several archaeology museums. I am eager to explore them, as I am interested in exploring ancient cultures and peoples.

There are many 'closeups' of fun cultural things to do - wine tours, festivals, cuisine, outdoor adventures, witches and ghost ships, penguins, and mysteries of the Moais. Each time I peruse this guidebook, I learn more about this fascinating country.  As well, there are 30 maps included in the book - 9 just for Santiago and its activities!

As usual with Fodor's travel guide books, Chile offers accommodation and food recommendations at various price points.  There is a small but illuminating section for travelers with disabilities. There is also a small section on traveling with children. And, it is funny - there's a little rubber-duckie icon next to places that appeal to children - all through the book! There are also resources for Gay & Lesbian travelers, finding English-language newspapers to learn before you go, tips on going through customs, Language, Driving, and more. There is a small language guide at the back of the book, and a comprehensive index (my favorite part of a book!)...

I am very impressed with Fodor's Chile, and hope that we can get there soon. Before I read this book, I wasn't in a great hurry to get to Chile. Now that I've learned so much more about this 'thin country,' I am definitely excited to go!



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