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As you maybe know by now, from perusing our website (or delving deeply, as the old hands can attest!), we here at wanderingeducators.com try to find the highest quality organizations to partner with. One such partner is Lonely Planet. I will never forget finding this out of the way fondue cafe in Paris, thanks to Lonely Planet!


Lonely Planet is one of the largest travel guide book publishers. They are passionate about travel, and how it brings people together to better understand the world. With over 60 million books in print, Lonely Planet publishes morethan 600 titles in 17 different languages.


It was founded in 1973 by newlyweds Tony and Maureen Wheeler, starting with Asia Across the Cheap. They still run the publishing house out of their adopted home, Melbourne, Australia.Lonely Planet has a pool of over 200 authors, from more than 20 countries. These authors are seasoned and enthusiastic travelers with an eye for useful, interesting information and quirky tidbits in the destinations they cover.


Lonely Planet travel guide books provide accurate information, as well as historical and cultural backgrounds, to enrich the traveling experience. Their aim? To inspire people to explore, have fun, and travel often!



What Makes Lonely Planet Travel Guides Unique?


* Unrivalled coverage
* Unashamedly opinionated
* We love this planet
* We love feedback
* Independent spirit
* Sense of Adventure
* Written by travelers, for travelers
* Integrity - no advertisements or endorsements


What else do Lonely Planet travel guide books provide?
* accurate, practical information
* impartial recommendations
* indispensable maps
* best value tips
* language guidance
* health and safety advide
* background information
* sturdy construction


Lonely Planet publishes a variety of guides, including:


Destination Guides
* Including Country travel guides
* Multi-country and region guides
* shoestring guides
* city guides
* City encounters
* Best of Cities
* City maps


Language Guides
* Audio Language Guides
* Short trip language guides
* European phrasebooks
* Asian phrasebooks
* India and Central Asia Phrasebooks
* African and Middle East Phrasebooks
* The Americas Phrasebooks
* Australia and Pacific Phrasebooks


General Travel Guides
* Pictorials ( Including the Travel Book, The Africa Book, The Asia Book, The Cities Book, One Planet, Lonely Planet: Middle of Nowhere, Sign Spotting, One People: Many Journeys, and Australia: 42 Great Landscape Experiences)
* Travel advice books
* Healthy Travel Guides
* Travel Photography
* Travel Literature


Activity Guides
* Walking and Hiking Guides
* National Park Guides
* Watching Wildlife Guides
* Diving and Snorkeling Guides


Digital Guides
* PSP Passport to...
* Audio Guides
* Maps


Click here to see the latest specials on travel guides from Lonely Planet.



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  • Ava Marie

    13 years 8 months ago

    There are many travel guides around, but I only get one from referrals. Most travel guides just make travel a little dull for the real experience. It's good to know that there are people who take travel seriously and not just a way to spend money. Congratulations, WE!

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