NFT Travel Guides: Bagels and Wurst

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One of our travel guides partners, Not For Tourists, has several unique offerings on their website this week. Check out the following highlights...


Reinventing Grand Army Plaza Exhibit, by Molly Riordan

Grand Army Plaza

Did you know there's a fountain in the middle of Grand Army Plaza? And that it's really cool? I didn't--I was too overwhelmed by kamikaze drivers and the complicated criss-cross crosswalks to attempt exploring the elusive tree-lined island. So when I heard about the contestto reimagine the traffic hub crowning Prospect Park, I figured any design had to be less frenzied than the current one.


If NFT Were a Butchery..., by Rebecca Katherine Hirsch

Gangs of NFT

What a fine slaughterhouse 8 or 9 it would be. Saleslady/meatperson Sarah would subjugate a straw sack of piglets while Lea would brandish a bloodied axe. Michael would thank the Lord for our pickings as Melissa, enshrouded entirely in black, would dandle her rosary in silent prayer. Aaron would execute a native slay dance in the pantry conterminous while Craig would proffer a somber satchel of mutton to conciliate our most quarrelsome customer, Colonel Yumi, who would lunge at her booty with the force of a 1,000 piranhas 'fore scurrying violently into the night. Leaders Jane and Rob would stand stolidly, obscured by the blinding torches of the municipal police as I, revealed, would be carted to The Tombs by a secret Chinese platoon of bare-knuckle boxers.


Your Wurst Is Not Cursed, by Krikor Daglian

Hallo Berlin Cart

NFT's affection for the Hallo Berlin restaurant on Tenth Ave is long-standing, but a special mention is in order for the place where it all got started--their cart on Fifth Avenue and 54th Street (11:30 am-3:30 pm, cash only).


East Meets Best, by Molly Riordan

Pearl River Mart

What I like about Chinatown: random, useful/useless, kitschy crap for dirt-cheap. What I dislike about Chinatown: throngs of tourists and the stench of rotting fish. Enter Pearl River Mart, everything I like without the expletive-inciting inconveniences! From kimonos and shoes to key chains and shower curtains, the 25-year-old Chinese emporium stocks all the treasures of Canal Street shopping on three serenely organized floors.


Mourn the Vanquished Bagel People, by Krikor Daglian

David's Bagels

One of the hard things about living anywhere in NY for almost ten years is that, inevitably, pretty much all the local stores see their leases come due, and in a neighborhood like the East Village, that means more than a few will be forced to close in the face of the changes taking place. Sadly, it looks like David's Bagels is one of the newest casualties.


Check out their website - they have free downloadable guides, maps, gear, and of course, the travel guide books. Not to mention, they are pretty funny people. I am always laughing when I visit their site, or read their newsletter.

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