Thailand: A Miniature Paradise

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Welcome to Thailand, the tropical paradise of South-East Asia and a prominent tourism  destination. Strategically located in the Indian Ocean, close to the two most rapidly developing nations, India and China, it is fast emerging as a tourist hotspot for vacationers from the East and the West.

It’s proximity to India and China as well as it being a preferred holiday destination, renders it great accessibility to different parts of the globe both by air and ship. Their national carrier, Thai airways operates to different parts of the globe, with the capital Bangkok’s Suvarna Bhumi international airport as its hub.

Since it is covered by sea on three sides, Thailand is blessed with a great tropical climate. It has the ideal mix of sun and sand, with pleasant weather all through the year. The best time to visit would be between October and May, to avoid the monsoons.
The capital of Thailand is Bangkok, and it is fast emerging as one of the most advanced cities of South-East Asia. The city is bustling in the morning with the thousands of office goers hurrying to the workplace either by road or using the metro. One must try the metro rail in Bangkok, to get a taste of Thai technology.

Evenings are much more relaxed and the city is full of lights. It has the best nightlife in Asia, with pubs, discos and other clubs operating all night. The night safari is another option the tourists can consider, if they want to get away from the midnight parties.
A two hours drive from Busy Bangkok is a more happening beach resort, Pattaya.
The first step into the city and you’ll know that you’re in for something special. The pristine beaches with hundreds of foreigners sunbathing welcome you to this exotic island. This place has all the leading hotels in the world, from Hard Rock Café to Hilton to Marriot to splurge at.

Pattaya has plenty to offer to the tourists. For the adventurous, there is Coral Island, where one can indulge in Parasailing, Scuba Diving, Jet skiing and snorkelling. For those who wish to just relax on the beach, there are a number of calm and quiet beaches too. For those hoping to get a feel of Thai culture, there are a lot of Elephant Orphanages, Botanical Gardens and some temples.

It also boasts of some world class shopping malls and also has a Ripley’s Believe it or not museum. It has a lot of weird artefacts and also has the only 4-D theatre in Asia.
For those looking for nightlife, this is the place to be. As the sun sets, the music is on and the party begins. The people here sure know how to party. There are clubs on virtually every street with the hotels too hosting many parties for the guests. There are massage parlours, spas and healthcare centres to rejuvenate you for a perfect holiday.

The major religion followed in Thailand is Buddhism, with Buddhist temples and statues on almost every road. The temple of the reclining Buddha in Bangkok is the largest monolithic statue in Asia. The local people mainly speak Thai and communicating in English can be a bit of a problem if you plan to visit the interior parts of the country. The cities of Thailand are well connected by both road and air, so travelling will not be a problem.

The main cuisine of Thailand is Thai and to a large extent Chinese. A foodie will be spoilt for choices here, with a plethora of choices on offer. But, a pure vegetarian will definitely have a problem here with food. It is advised that you carry along some food if you’re a pure vegan.

The national currency is the Baht. 1 US Dollar fetches around 12 Thai Bahts. The presence of a large number of foreign exchange counters allow the tourists to travel hassle-free. This magical land is worth a visit you are sure to be spellbound by the beauty and hospitality of this place.

By Kailash Madan

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