10 Great Ways to Travel

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If you plan to embark on a journey, there are several tips that you can follow to get the most out of your vacation. These best ways to travel will not only help you enjoy your trip; these tips are also important for your safety and your security. Here are the 10 great ways to travel.


1.  Choose the country that you prefer

By using guidebooks, determine and make a list of the places that are most frequented by travelers and foreigners. If you want to enjoy a solitary travel without the hustle and bustle associated with the most popular vacation hotspots, choose a country that is not included in this list. Try to avoid tourist trails and locations that are being advertised by travel agencies. On the other hand, if your goal is to meet new people, you should go for vacation hotspots most frequented by travelers. The country where you will travel to depends entirely on your preference.

2.  Learn as much as you can about the country you are going to

One of the best ways to travel is to learn as much as you can about the country you are visiting. Doing this is important if you want to understand the ways and the culture of the people there. This will make you enjoy the most out of your vacation. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should conduct in-depth research or studies about the country you want to go to. Just learn what you can about the country’s history and learn more about it as you spend your time there.

Some of the most important facts about a country that you should know about are social and religious taboos. This will help you avoid making an embarrassment of yourself. In places where gifts in form of money are inappropriate, find out the best alternatives. Just always keep in mind that whatever the religious and cultural beliefs of the people in that country have, respect them.

3.  Travel by yourself, or with a single child

There are some countries wherein even just two travelling adults are not easily accepted by its locals. On the other hand, if you travel alone or with only one child, the locals will perceive this as you trusting their goodwill. And since most children do not pay too much attention to cultural or racial differences, travelling with a kid will help you eliminate apprehension or shyness and thus approach a village in a friendlier manner.

4.  Plan your itinerary well, but avoid overdoing it

While it is important that you plan your travel and vacation properly, it does not necessary mean that you should plan even the smallest details. This will take away some of the fun out of travelling, so just make sure that you have a basic plan of what you are going to do, but not everything. One of the greatest ways to travel is to enjoy what the country of your preference has to offer while learning about it on the way. If you make a schedule of what to see in that country, chances are, you would not be able to visit a place that you did not know about.

5.  Travel light, depending on the length of time of your vacation

One of the best ways to travel is to travel light. You would not want to travel lugging a heavy backpack or pulling a stroller along the way, especially if you have a child travelling with you. This is why it is important that you bring only what you need including those that you think are important to your journey.

6.  Avoid bringing gadgets such as iPods or laptops with you

Another of the best ways to travel is to avoid bringing any gadgets with you such as your iPod or your laptop. This will take away all the fun in travelling, especially if you plan to go to a remote location. You should choose to bring only your mobile phone, in cases of emergencies, or if you need to contact your loved ones. Bring a camera if you want to capture memories of your vacation.

7.  Ask the advice of locals about the best places in their country to visit

Take the advice of the locals about the best places in their country that you can visit. Ask them for instructions and other important details before embarking on your journey. Aside from helping you avoid being lost, this will also help you learn about the culture, the religious beliefs, and anything that is considered taboo by the local residents.

8.  Do not worry about the language barrier

While experiencing a language barrier thwarts effective communication with the locals, this is not really a problem. As most countries understand English, you will still be able to talk with the locals, even if you do not speak their native tongue. It may be good to learn about several courtesy phrases though, to give respect to the locals. If you plan to use these phrases, make sure that you say them sincerely.

9.  Travel with caution, especially if you have a child with you

It is always important to travel with caution. Not only is this one of the best ways to travel, this is also very important, especially if you have a child travelling with you. You should always avoid doing reckless things. This does not mean that you should be timid; you should just exercise caution as much as you can, especially since you are in a foreign land.

10.  Invest in the best maps available

Do not forget to bring a map of the country that you plan to visit. Invest in only the best maps available. While the best maps may considerably be more expensive than regular maps, this is a good investment if you really want to enjoy your travel.

These are just some of the best ways to travel. If you follow these tips, it is guaranteed that you will get the most out of your vacation, your money, your time, and your energy.

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    Could you list some of the countries that it is frowned upon to travel as adult couples?  I'm very curious and this is new to me.  Thanks 

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