What to do if You Have Been Injured on Holiday

by Asako Maruoka /
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Jan 29, 2013 / 0 comments

Imagine all the months of saving up to go on that much deserved holiday, finally arriving at your dream destination and feeling the sun on your face only to have it ruined by an accident or illness that causes personal injury.

Too often people suffer from injuries while on holiday; common causes include food poisoning, sickness caused through poor hygiene, sometimes a problem with the rental car can result in an accident but whatever the injury and cause, the fact remains that incidents such as these can ruin a perfectly good holiday.  If you do experience a car accident, get in touch with your car accident attorney to start your claim right away.

Making insurance claims against an injury incurred while abroad can prove complicated. You see, an accident in a different country will come under the laws and regulations stipulated in that particular country, not the victim’s country of residence. This can affect the compensation given out regardless of whether that claim has been granted or not.

Personal injury lawyers, such as Express Solicitors, can make a claim against the travel agent that the holiday was booked through if the accident or injury was the cause of the hotel or the agency, for example, food poisoning from the hotel restaurant whereby fault could be determined.

To make a claim, firstly you must be able to prove liability, that is, someone needs to be at fault such as hotel staff or the travel agent. A complaint should be filed at the hotel and if there has been an accident then this should be logged in an accident book (all hotels will have one of these). Also take note of any names and addresses of people involved and keep receipts if you intend to claim back expenses.