5 Ways to Save Money on Travel

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If you could find ways to save money on travel, would you travel more? That’s my philosophy, and I’m a genius when it comes to cost-effective travel. The more I save, the more I can travel. Here are several tips for you to utilize – report back and let me know if you have any additional ones. We can wave to each other as we go from airport to airport, saving money on our travels.

5 ways to save money on travel

One of the biggest expenses of travel is the accommodations part. Hotels can be pricey! I’m always looking for hotel discounts, so that I can stay in a better hotel for much less. Add in finding hotels with free wifi, and you’ll save a bundle on the hotel and the communication expenses. If you’ll be staying in one spot for a longer time period, check into renting a home or apartment while you’re there. We love doing that.

Pier Cottage, Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Pier Cottage - our home rental on the Ring of Kerry

It all depends on where you’re going, but renting a car can be a great money-saver - or a huge drain on your budget. If you’re traversing the countryside, find a discount for car rental. Often, if you’re in a different country, it’s wise to take a look at our articles on the things to remember when renting a car, and saving money on your road trip. If you’re heading to a city, explore the public transportation options, and look into buying a weekly pass, which will save you money over point-to-point ticket purchases.

Road trip 101

One of the biggest headaches of travel is how to get there, as safely and inexpensively as possible. There are many different search engines that show low priced fares, which can save you a bundle on airfare (and more). The internet can be a beautiful place, allowing you to find the best prices on flights with booking engines, and saving you a great deal of money.

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Activities with Coupons
I often sign up for Groupon and other coupon sites for the location to which we’re headed, for a few months before our trip. I can find great deals, fun places to eat, and all kinds of activities – all at a great discount! For instance, we love the Loch Fyne Restaurant, in Loch Fyne, Scotland. Finding a deal before you head there can save you a bit – enough to make it worth your while. We have done laser tag, eaten out, had beauty treatments, attended concerts, and even gotten bookstore discounts, all by paying attention to these coupon sites.

Loch Fyne restaurant, Scotland

Loch Fyne restaurant, Scotland

Eating Well
We love to eat out – but we also love to explore the local cuisine. Head to the local market to find some delicious local cuisine and ingredients! From fresh fish (and a recipe for fish chowder) to olives and homemade tea, visiting the weekly market in Kenmare was an eye opener. I also LOVE to shop at different grocery stores – finding new fruit and vegetables, breads, and all sorts of deliciousness, either to take on a picnic or to cook at our rental home. It’s a great way to save money (and time, if you’re traveling with kids). Picnics are very special times, to be cherished – much more than waiting for an hour or more at a restaurant, with frazzled hungry family members waiting to be fed.

Shopping for fresh fish at the market, Kenmare, Ireland

Shopping for fresh fish at the market, Kenmare, Ireland


Do you have more money-saving tips for travel?