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Hidden Treasures: Neighbors on a Nepalese Bus

For months fellow long-term travelers had warned me that August would be an unpleasant time to visit India.  The weather would be hot, very hot, they’d explain.  What they didn’t say – but what was understood – was that such heat, mixed with the culture stress inherent in a first-time visit to what can be an often raw and dense country, would be a potent combination.

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Go Green Travel Green: A New Way to Travel

Traveling green isn't difficult - it is all about making choices. And, traveling green is important for both our world and our future. I recently found a fantastic site that not only talks about going green, but makes it easy to do so! Go Green Travel Green is an incredible resource for any traveler.

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Eco-Adventure at Kosrae Village

Teaching Abroad Editor Introduction

by AndreaMeyers /
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Aug 25, 2008 / 1 comments

My name is Andrea Meyers, and I am excited to be the new Teaching Abroad Editor for I spent eight years teaching in U.S. schools in Saipan, Colombia, and Saudi Arabia. While living overseas, I had opportunities to travel in 22 countries on four continents. I still have the travel bug and try to indulge whenever possible.

Meeting Mr. Simpson

by carolstigger / Aug 25, 2008 / 1 comments

Old Orchard Beach: The Maine Riviera

by Brian Westbye /
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Aug 25, 2008 / 1 comments

The Maine Riviera

Creswell Crags and the Ice Age

by Gill Webster /
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Aug 24, 2008 / 1 comments

Kidcations in Mt Washington Valley, NH

by Marti Mayne / Aug 23, 2008 / 1 comments

Traveling with the kids isn’t always the first choice, but for families with grade school children, summer time means family time.  This summer, we decided to take the family vacation in Mt Washington Valley, NH.  This little corner of New Hampshire, surrounded by 660,000 acres of White Mountain National Forest, is perfect given all the outdoor adventure, great kid-friendly attractions, and lodging and dining choices.  We had no trouble finding two fabulous kid-friendly lodging choices.  Given my penchant to experience as many inns as possible, we decided to "sleep around the Valley" and th

Enough Already

by Betty Jo Riggs /
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Aug 23, 2008 / 1 comments

Sights of Trinidad and Tobago

by Freimut Hinsch /
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Aug 22, 2008 / 1 comments

This March, we went to Trinidad and Tobago. It was just lovely - the wildlife, the people, and the food! We were amazed at the colorful birds, the abundance of fresh fruit, and the delicious fish. Our family relaxed, learned more about the islands, toured the asphalt lake, and swam, swam, swam. Come join us as we share our photos with you!



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