My Favorite Summer Vacation

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Air Wear: Travel Messenger Bags and More

As you know, at, we are always looking for high-quality, unique global items for our members. I've found THE COOLEST stuff on the planet, and can't wait to share it with you. Designed by Jason Solarek, Air Wear is a one-of-a-kind, brilliant way to share your love of travel with the world.


Air Wear Airport codes


Global Gear: Air Wear's Jason Solarek talks world travel, art, and love of place

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Always on the lookout for cool products for our Wandering Educators, we recently partnered with Air Wear Designs. Created by artist Jason Solarek, this is such a fun product line - airport codes on hats, tshirts, messenger bags (my personal favorite), notebooks, tote bags, and mugs. Jason has personally designed over 90 airport codes for these products.

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August Photographer of the Month: Joel Carillet

Our August Photographer of the Month is's very own Chief Editor, Joel Carillet. His work has been seen on and other prominent sites for a few years now - he's a very popular writer and photographer!

Michigan's Small Town Treasures: Kinde, a Place of Small Pleasures

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Fresh Summer Italian Gourmet Pasta

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CARLA looking for volunteer language experts

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CARLA notes: We need your expertise!

As some of you may know, the CARLA LCTL project maintains a webpage of VOLUNTEER experts -- kind and enthusiastic souls who are willing to answer email questions about their languages.

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Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree Forum


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Global Carnival

Archaeology in Pompeii and Naples with Context Travel's Federico Poole

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