Bhimakali Temple - A Marvel Example of Himalayan Architecture

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Bhimakali Temple 

Temples are an esential part of a Hindu's life and almost every Hindu once in his life goes to a temple of other. Himachal Pradesh in the north of India is called as "Dev Bhoomi - The Land of Gods" and is famous for its scatered temples all over the state. Some are famous for its dieties where are others are more famous among foreighn tourists due to their legends and architecture.

Bhimakali temple at Sarahan is one of them. Perhaps this is the most beutiful temple among all in the Himalayas and attracts not only Indians but foreighn tourists also due to its architectural aspects, woodwork and its grand size. Perhaps there is no other tmeple that has the similar aspects and is so attractive. It is not only the building of the temple but also its placement, the surroundings, the snowclad peaks and its approach from Shimla to its main complex.

As per the legend this area, then called Shonitpur, was ruled by a Demon King called Banasur. He was devotee of Lord Shiva but was a crule king so the people of the area are scared of this Demon and would speak nothing against him. His daughter once saw a youngman, in her drea, approaching her for her hand. She narrated this story to one of her friend cum who found out that the handsome youngman was, Prduman, the son of Lord Krishana who was the ruler of Mathura Dwarika. She went  to Dwarika and kidnapped the youngman and brought him here. When Lord Krishana came to know about the kidnaping of his son, he attacked this area and Killed Banasur and buried his head right at the gates of the main complex of the temple. Later Praduman ruled this area.

Since then this Kindom was governed uninterruptedly by the descendants of this dynasty till the end of the princely estates in independant India. This ruling family got constructed a splendid temple in the State Capital and recoganised Mother Goddess Bhimakali as the presiding deity of the ruling family.

A religious festival called Udyapan Jag is celeberated here after a gap of 100 years or more. Last time it was done in 1904 that lasted for 6 months. 600 goats were sacrificed and 11 Brahamins - The holy men had housed the fed. Navratras are celeberated twice a year, all over the country and it lasts for nine nights, during Chaitra and Ashvin months of Hindu Calender, April and October respectively. During these Navratras the dieties from all over the area are brought up here and thousands of local people also throng the complex.

How to Reach : Reach Shimla by rail or road and drive to Sarahan. Taxies are very easily avaiable at Shimla. Stay here overnight and next day start driving via Kufari, Fagu, Theog, Narkanda, Nogli, Rampur, Jeori and form here turn right to Sarahan. This place form Shimla is 175 kilometers and is 17 kilometers right uphill from Jeori after Rampur. The road to the temple is in excellent condition and the beauty of the Himalayan Forests does not give you any chance to get tired.

Where to Stay : The temple complex has a guest house with very neat and clean rooms with attached toilet and bath facilities, fitted with hot water gysers. There are a number of guest houses in Sarahan and a Hotel Srikhand Mahadev run and managed by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department offers very good rooms with excellent view and a restaurant.