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One of the best things about the internet is that you stumble upon the best sites. I am always scoping the internet for great travel sites for our readers, through a variety of search and social media means. 

I recently discovered a fantastic travel writer and her site, and wanted to share them with you. Nancy D. Brown is the publisher of a travel blog called What a Trip. I was lucky enough to sit down with Nancy and talk about her site, traveling with teens, and more. Here's what she had to say..



WE: Please tell us about your site, What a Trip...

What a Trip is about travels from Northern California and beyond.
On the blog I share my travel adventures, as well as interviewing
Californians about their travels.  The site is evolving.  I also plan to
review travel books and products.


Nancy D Brown

Nancy with 55# King Salmon in Alaska



WE: What led you to start this site?

As a freelance travel writer, I launched the blog as a place to
showcase my 'What a Trip' newspaper column that I write for the Contra
Costa Times Lamorinda Sun.  As a journalist, I'm finding my way around
the blogosphere and enjoying the sense of community that comes with a
blog.  I also appreciate the immediacy of a blog.  Some magazines have
such long lead times that the story is no longer fresh when it appears
in print.  Blogs provide such timely content.



WE: What is your travel background and philosophy?

My junior year in college I went on a student-oriented European
vacation.  In Wengen, Switzerland I was struck by the majestic beauty
surrounding me.  In fact, I vowed that I would return with my future
husband to that same Swiss village.  (Coincidently, I wasn't dating
anyone at the time.)

Several years later my boyfriend and I quit our jobs and back backed
through Europe for two months.  I recommend traveling with a potential
life-mate.  If you travel well together, I think that says a lot about
your relationship.  That boyfriend is now my husband of 22 years.  We
celebrated our one year anniversary in Wengen, Switzerland.



WE: Where are you headed next?

I'll be Lisbon, Portugal and Seville and Madrid, Spain early this
Fall.  With the dollar not as strong as the Euro, I'll be traveling by
Eurail.  I look forward to sharing my dollar stretching tips with my



WE: I see that you and your husband have two teenagers.  How is it
traveling with teens?

NDB: Packing snacks is still important! (Laughing) If you can afford to
purchase a digital camera for each of your children, it is a wonderful
gift to your teen.  We recently traveled to the Grand Canyon and my 16yo
daughter took some amazing photos.  The kids love taking pictures of
their travels and putting them up on Facebook to share with their


Nancy D Brown

Evan, Kendall, Cory and Nancy Brown at the Grand Canyon



WE: What sorts of resources are available on your site?

NDB: As I mentioned, my blog started with my newspaper columns, so I tagged them by geographic regions.  The point of the column was to interview
people about their travels so that readers didn't need to re-invent the
wheel for their trip.  If someone liked their adventure travel company,
I would include a link.  One family traveled with their teens to New
Zealand and I wrote about that.  It's all about sharing travel
information.  I love talking travel!



WE: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

I enjoy getting to know my readers and fellow travel writers.  For those new to reading blogs or new to What a Trip, please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you like about the blog or leave me

Thanks so much, Nancy! I've enjoyed connecting with you, and always look forward to your travel posts.

To check out What a Trip, please see

Nancy D Brown

Evan Brown sliding down Oregon's Paulina Plunge



All photos courtesy and copyright of Nancy D Brown.


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