Book Review: Sounds of the Wild - Ocean

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Apr 17, 2009 / 0 comments

Sounds of the Wild: Ocean, by Maurice Pledger

"Plunge into the world's oceans and discover the magic of marine life in these stunning pop-up seascapes accompanied by sounds from the deep. Listen to the playful chattering of dolphins, the boisterous honking of seals, and the haunting echo of the humpback whale's song."

When we first heard of this book, Sounds of the Wild: Ocean, by Maurice Pledger, we were instantly enticed. Published by Silver Dolphin Books, this book is an instant classic and is a much-loved part of our library.

Well-illustrated, the book opens with pop-ups of Birds, Deep Ocean, Clear Caribbean waters, Creatures of the Reef, and on Icy Shores. Each section has a readable educational narrative of the animals pictured, as well as the sounds we hear in clear detail.  There are also resource pages, which include a plethora of detail on all of the animals (marine and mammal) pictured. This is an excellent educational resource, which also teaches about the world and our marine environment.

Our 6 year old just LOVES anything to do with water.

When this book first arrived, she thought it was cooler than she thought it would be. She says, "I love the sounds, I love the dolphins.I love everything about this book! My favorite part is the whales. I love them best because of the cool sounds that they make. It is fun. I love to hear the sounds. I just open the book and listen, sometimes when I am drawing. It inspires me."

Guess you can't get any better recommendation than that! We love this book, and highly recommend it.


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