Camping in Zeeland – A Real Dutch Treat!

by Miranda Boyink / Sep 20, 2013 / 0 comments

One of the best campgrounds to stay in Zeeland, MI is Dutch Treat. Just ask anybody who seems to know the town, and they will tell you that Dutch Treat is one of the best places to go, especially for the happy aura and friendly staff. Most people don’t notice it as they pass on Chicago Dr as it’s shrouded by trees and advertised by an obnoxious billboard that has been there for years. The trailers never seem to move. They just stay in one place year round.


Camping at Dutch Treat, Zeeland, Michigan


Dutch Treat offers fantastic wifi, a nine-foot deep pool, an awesome playground, a small book exchange, and a game/TV room for the teenagers.


The bathrooms are kept up very nicely, unlike a lot of RV parks. There are no bugs in the stalls, and there is even carpet on the floor. The showers are very clean, and have plenty of hot water.


There is also a small, shallow pond with a fountain in the middle where you can go fishing, paddle-boating, and kayaking. The fishing is all catch - and - release, and you can go paddle-boating and kayaking for the price of one dollar per fifteen minutes.


There are also some excellent attractions for travelers nearby. Check out a superb ice cream place, Captain Sundaes, known for their famed Tommy Turtle. There is also a library within bikable distance, where you can either sit and read a book or get a guest pass to use the computers for an hour. Or you can go shopping at the farmer’s market in the neighboring town, Holland.


This park is also a wonderful place for kids to ride bikes without having lots of traffic zipping by at forty-miles per hour, like some big state parks allow. The speed limit within Dutch Treat is five miles per hour.

There is a lot of shade from the cottonwood trees in Dutch Treat during the summer, and the pool is a great place if you need to cool off, as well.


The staff is very friendly, and they love answering questions in the office. So stop by in on your next vacation to say hello!





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One of the best campgrounds to stay in Zeeland, MI is Dutch Treat.

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