Are you obsessed on writing? Here are some tips on how to write great essays

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Writing is my hobby, in fact there is no chance that a day passes and I do not write at least one essay. There are different types of essays but generally, the essays which we write are basically written in the manner of a research. Now, you might be shocked if some day your professor at a university or college says that your next assignment will be a narrative essay. The narrative essay is not something which can be learnt at the high school, it is just the skill which can be learnt by the personal experience of an individual.

• First of all it is necessary to make sure that the information source you are using for your essays should be a reliable one. Make sure that it should be verified by the recognized organizations. Although, the World Wide Web or the interned are easy to collect the information however it will not harm you being a little cautious. Obviously you won’t like to start your essay based on some outdated or incorrect information.
This rules should be followed in research papers too, there are different cheap custom research papers and research papers help that can be found online if you do not like to write them by yourself.
• The next thing which you should remember in your essay is the clarity. The syntax and the complex words can be a hindrance to the clarity of the essay which should be avoided.

• The prewriting phase also plays a very significant role in narrative essay writing. While writing the prewriting phase, it is necessary that you should think about your experience regarding the topic. For instance, if your topic is ‘achieving the goals of life’. In such case, you can write the topics from your own experience.

• It is necessary to keep in mind that a small incident can become a good topic for your essay. If you are able to feel the emotional connection with your topic, you will be able to write a more effective essay. In the aspect, when a topic is given to you it is necessary to spend some time with that topic recalling your memories including the details like year, month, season and the people involved.

However, you can follow These other important narrative essay writing tips which are as given below

• While writing the narrative essays, it is necessary to write the essay in the first person and writing “I” will engage the user. In addition to this the reader has a very small knowledge about the story in your essay. There are different sites like where you can find valuable information about essay and research writing. Therefore, it is necessary to add all the important details in the narrative essay. The main reason behind this is that skipping a small detail can skew the whole understanding of the reader and he will lose the interest from your essay.

• While writing the essay, it is also necessary that you should use words and vivid illustrations while writing a narrative essay. The job of writer is to involve the reader rather just informing him. This can be illustrated by comparing these two sentences, “Losing that game felt that my life was filled with grief and unhappiness” and “I was disappointed on my defeat”. Both of these sentences signify the same meaning but the manner of expressing is different.

However, there are different sites where you can get help for custom paper writing. These are just some of the most important tips which should be followed while writing the narrative essays. You can also look into the free essays which can be easily found on the internet for more command on the narrative essays.